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Shure SM7B Cardioid Vocal Mic w/CL-1 CloudLifter, Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones and Mackie MIX5

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This podcasting kit contains everything you need to get going and more.Kit contains: Shure SM7BCardioid Vocal Microphone (x1) Whirlwind MK41010' XLR Cable (x1) Heil PL2TMicrophone Boom (x1) Cloud Microphones CL-1CloudLifter (x1) Sennheiser HD 280 PROOver-Ear Headphones (x1) Mackie MIX5... Read More

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This podcasting kit contains everything you need to get going and more.

Kit contains:

  • Shure SM7B
    • Cardioid Vocal Microphone (x1)
  • Whirlwind MK410
    • 10' XLR Cable (x1)
  • Heil PL2T
    • Microphone Boom (x1)
  • Cloud Microphones CL-1
    • CloudLifter (x1)
  • Sennheiser HD 280 PRO
    • Over-Ear Headphones (x1)
  • Mackie MIX5
    • 5-Channel Compact Mixer (x1)

Shure SM7B Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Broadcast Microphone

The SM7B dynamic microphone has a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response appropriate for music and speech in all professional audio applications. It features excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum generated by computer monitors, neon lights, and other electrical devices. The SM7B has been updated from earlier models with an improved bracket design that offers greater stability. In addition to its standard windscreen, it also includes the A7WS windscreen for close-talk applications.


  • Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech
  • Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting
  • Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors
  • Internal "air suspension" shock isolation virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission
  • Highly effective pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals or narration
  • Now shipping with the A7WS detachable windscreen, designed to reduce plosive sounds and gives a warmer tone for close-talk vocals
  • Yoke mounting with captive stand nut for easy mounting and dismounting provides precise control of microphone position
  • Classic cardioid polar pattern, uniform with frequency and symmetrical about axis, to provide maximum rejection and minimum coloration of off-axis sound
  • Rugged construction and excellent cartridge protection for outstanding reliability

Whirlwind MK410 Accusonic+2 Microphone Cable - 10 feet

Whirlwind MK Series mic cables are built with Accusonic+2 cable and fitted with Whirlwind XLR connectors to ensure superior cable performance year after year. Accusonic+2 features finely stranded center conductors and braided shield for superior noise rejection.

Heil Sound PL2T Broadcast Microphone Boom with Internal Cable Run

The Heil Sound PL2T Topless mount is a unique and versatile boom that utilizes a system of perfectly balanced internal springs to provide perfect balance and silent, effortless adjustment of its position. The PL2T easily handles microphones weighing up to 3.5 lb. (1.6 kg), and it makes for a professional-looking installation without adding to the clutter in front of you. The Heil PL-2T features a hollow channel that the microphone cable can be fed through and provides the perfect cable maintenance. The unique Topless design of the PL2T allows you to remove the top and back cover plates, so you can thread the microphone cable along the spine of the mount. Once the cable is in place, you snap the cover plates back in place, for a clean installation with no visible wiring.

The PL2T includes a C-clamp that allows for mounting on tables up to 1.5 inches thick

The PL2T is shipped with a standard "C" clamp mount that will accept an 1.5" thick table. An optional flush mount is available which screws to the top of a table or desk surface.

For mounting of your Heil Microphone, the PL2T accepts all of the Heil (industry standard) 5/8" - 27 threaded mic clips or shock mounts. The chrome threaded stem can be locked into the optimum mounting position, depending upon the exact type of microphone and/or shock mount

Cloud Microphones CL-1 CloudLifter Phantom Powered Inline Microphone Booster

It's all about gain and impedance. While some of the best sounding microphones out there are low-output dynamics and ribbons, pre-amplification can be challenging due to the gain and impedance requirements. Cloudlifters address this by giving passive microphone signals a major inline boost -up to +25db of ultra-clean gain- while properly loading the microphones' transformer for optimal performance.

The Cloudlifter® CL-1 is completely self contained, driven only by the phantom power from your mixer or preamp. Ideal for dynamics and ribbons alike, the CL-1 turns phantom power into the extra gain required for using passive microphones. The immediate dose of extra gain can make even a budget microphone/preamp combination sound clean and professional. For broadcasting and live sound, the active output signal of the CL-1 can prevent added noise over long cable runs. With endless uses, Cloudlifters are quickly becoming a standard workhorse solution for audio and broadcast professionals.


  • Gives passive mics up to +25dB additional active output
  • Provides 2 distinct stages of ultra-clean gain
  • Easy to use self contained design requires only phantom power
  • Recommended for use with all passive dynamic microphones
  • Compatible with tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones
  • Safe for all passive ribbons with no transfer of phantom
  • Utilizes Patent Pending Class A, Discrete JFET circuitry
  • Ideal impedance loading for optimal performance @3Kohms
  • Rugged, road ready and portable, for studio, stage and broadcasting
  • Free lifetime limited warranty for parts and labor, with registration
  • Handcrafted entirely in the USA

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Closed-Back Monitoring Headphones

The HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser's most significant closed, around-the-ear headphone to be introduced in years. Designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment, the HD 280 Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with the sound quality, modular design and aggressive noise isolation the necessary in the field. The unique collapsible design, combined with swiveling ear cups, offers maximum flexibility in any application.


  • High ambient noise attenuation
  • Accurate, linear sound reproduction
  • Soft earpads for a comfortable fit
  • Folding and rotating earcups for space-saving transport
  • Tough, single-sided cable

What's In The Box?

  • 1 pair of HD 280 PRO headphones
  • 1 screw-type adaptor to 1/4"

Mackie Mix5 Compact 5-Channel Mixer

The Mix5 5-channel compact mixer is reliably rugged, with the proven quality you expect from Mackie, the world leader in compact mixer design. Perfect for straightforward applications that incorporate a single mic with other sources, Mix5 sounds great and maintains audio quality from any source. Plus, with a rugged metal chassis and high-quality components throughout, Mix5 is a solid investment in reliability. An amazing value, Mix5 is extremely easy to use and delivers the sound quality you need in a rugged design built to last. Plus, wouldn't you rather mix on a Mackie? Don't sacrifice - choose the Mackie Mix Series.


  • 5-channel compact mixer with proven high-headroom, low-noise performance
  • 1 mic/line input with studio-level audio quality
    • 2-band EQ with clean, precise tone shaping
    • Phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • 2 stereo 1/4" line inputs
  • Dedicated stereo RCA inputs/outputs for playback or recording
  • Main L/R outputs
  • Headphone output with separate volume control
  • Rugged, reliable design built to last
  • Extremely compact and portable

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Product Specs

Shure SM7B Microphone
Frequency Response50 to 20,000 Hz
Polar PatternCardioid (unidirectional)
Output LevelOpen Circuit Voltage*: -59.0 dB (1.12 mV) *0 dB = 1 volt per Pascal
Heil Sound PL2T Broadcast Microphone Boom
Item model numberPL-2T
Product Dimensions43 x 0.5 x 21 inches ; 8 ounces
Shipping Weight9 pounds
Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones
Wearing styleHeadband
Frequency response (headphones)8 - 25000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL)113 dB
THD, total harmonic distortion0,1 %
Contact pressure6 N
Ear couplingcircumaural
Jack plug3,5 / 6,3 mm stereo
Connection cableCoiled Cable (min. 1.3m / max. 3m)
Transducer principledynamic, closed
Weight w/o cable285 g
Nominal impedance64 ?
Load rating500 mW
Mackie Mix5 Mixer
Noise Characteristics20 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth, 150 source impedance
All outputs, master levels and channel levels off-100 dBu
All outputs, master levels unity, all channel levels off -90 dBu
All outputs, master levels unity, 1 channel level unity-85 dBu
Distortion (THD+N)(1 kHz, 20 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth)

Mic Input to Main Output

<0.01% @+4 dBu output
Attenuation and Crosstalk(20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth)
Inputs to Outputs @ 1 kHz-85 dB
Main Mix Off @ 1 kHz-80 dB
Frequency Response
Mic input to any output (gain @ unity)+0, -1 dB, 20 Hz to 30 kHz
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)(Mic in to Insert Send out, max gain.)
150 termination-125 dBu [Mix5, Mix8] -122 dBu [Mix12FX]
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
(Mic in to Insert Send out, max gain.) 1 kHzbetter than 70 dB
Maximum Levels
Mic inputs (XLR)+18 dBu [Mix5] +19 dBu [Mix8, Mix12FX]
Aux return in+16 dBu [Mix8]
All other inputs+21 dBu
All outputs+21 dBu
Mic in2 k ohms [Mix5] 3.8 k ohms [Mix8, Mix12FX]
All other inputs10 k ohms or greater
Tape out1 k ohms
Phones out22 ohms
All other outputs120 ohms unbalanced, 240 ohms balanced
High Shelving±15 dB @ 12 kHz
Mid Peaking±15 dB @ 2.5 kHz
Low Shelving±15 dB @ 80 Hz
Low Cut Filter18 dB/octave, -3 dB @ 75 Hz
AC Power RequirementsAC120V~, 60 Hz
AC Power Supply (Included)AC18V~ 600mA
Dimensions and Weight
Height1.7 in / 43 mm
Width5.5 in / 140 mm
Depth7.7 in / 196 mm
Weight1.4 lb / 0.6 kg

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