Sound Devices CL-12 Linear Fader Controller for 600 Series Recorders


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  • The CL-12 linear fader controller meets a growing demand from production professionals who must make quick transitions between cart and over-the-shoulder applications in a fast-paced production landscape. The optional accessory significantly expands the mixing capability of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line. The CL-12 attaches directly to any 6-Series mixer with minimal cables, making transitions between cart-based setups and over-the-shoulder workflows quick and easy.

    A USB A-to-B cable provides both power and control. A 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch headphone cable is also provided to allow monitoring from the CL-12, plus it adds a low-resistance ground connection, giving extra robustness to the mixer/controller combo in the presence of static shock. Sound Devices recommends always using the supplied USB cable and 1/4-inch headphone cable for optimum CL-12 performance. Although optional for the 688, a micro USB power cord (not provided with the CL-12) is required as a DC Power Boost for CL-12 integration with the 664 and 633.

    The CL-12 is compatible with the 688, the 664 and the 633. With the CL-12, the 688 gains a 3-band parametric equalizer for each of its 12 inputs, shortcut access to SuperSlot™ wireless receiver data (when used with the SL-6), and MixAssist™ auto-mix monitoring. Not all features on the CL-12 are available with every 6-Series mixer/recorder.

    The CL-12 also includes ports for a USB keyboard connection for efficient metadata entry, and for powering an optional USB lamp.


    • 12 100 mm linear input faders (Penny & Giles option with CL-12 Alaia)
    • L, R, X1, X2 level controls with press functionality for input routing
    • 3-band parametric equalizer per channel
    • Large, backlit transport controls (REC and STOP)
    • Numerous dedicated buttons for fast access to menus and key functionality
    • Single USB cable connection for power and control, and quick transition from cart to bag
    • 22-segment LED meters for L, R, X1, X2
    • 7-segment LED pre-fade input meters
    • Limiter LEDs
    • Indicator LEDs for MixAssist activity, Arm, Channel On, and Routing
    • USB Ports for keyboard, lamp, and 3rd-party remote control applications
    • Headphone port for direct audio monitoring from CL-12
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