Soundtube SM500i-II 5" Coaxial Surface Mound Speaker (Black)


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  • The SM500i-II is a 5.25-inch, two-way surface-mount speaker with a midsize enclosure design that delivers effective low-end response (60 Hz) and optimal off-axis performance (2 to 10 kHz). SoundTube’s proprietary BroadBeam® waveguide tweeter system delivers consistent high-performance audio across operating bandwidth.

    The SM500i-II speaker design incorporates a low-profile grille, six-position tap switch with transformer bypass and mounting hardware, including the Stealth™ bracket mounting system. The SM500i-II incorporates a security knob to reduce tampering after placement, unlimited directional aiming, and a low profile.


    • BroadBeam® waveguide technology delivers a consistent dispersion pattern up to 10 kHz for maximum coverage area per speaker.
    • One 5.25 inch (133 mm) polypropylene woofer and one 1.0 inch (25 mm) convex titanium tweeter with FerroFluid™ cooling.
    • 86.0 dB average sensitivity offers high output capabilities and reduced amplification costs.
    • Includes stainless steel screws and weatherized components for indoor and outdoor applications (SM500i-II-WX available for severe weather installations).
    • Easy access, six-position selectable tap switch for 25-, 70.7- and 100-volt applications with transformer bypass position.
    • Patented ZeroReflection™ enclosure technology for optimal sound reproduction and cabinet rigidity.
    • Aluminum grille with powder-coat finish
    • Includes the new SM500i-II Stealth™ bracket mounting system.
    • Vertical and horizontal pivoting allow the SM500i-II to be aimed anywhere within the installation space.
    • Low profile enclosure design keeps the speaker close to the wall.
    • UL 1480 (UEAY) planned. • High-quality black or white paint finish.
    • Included Accessories: Safety cable with speaker mounting bolt, Euroblock connector, wall mount bracket and terminal weather boot.
  • Frequency Response (-3 dB) 86 Hz – 22 kHz
    Low Frequency(-10 dB) 60 Hz – 22 kHz
    Sensitivity 86.0 dB
    Power Capacity RMS 75 W
    Max SPL dB @ 1 M 102 dB
    Nominal Impedance 4 ohm
    Transformer Options 25 / 70.7 / 100 Volt option
    with a 4 Ohm direct
    Tweeter 1 in / 25 mm Convex Aluminum
    w/ BroadBeam® Waveguide
    Woofer 5.25 in / 130 mm Poly
    Connections 4-pin Euroblock
    Height 289.56 mm (11.40 in)
    Width 212.26 mm (8.36 in)
    Depth 266.30 mm (10.48 in)
    Weight 4.3 kg (9.5 lbs)
    Shipping Weight 5.0 kg (11 lbs)
    Optional Accessory
    Colors Black / White, or Custom
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