SSL X-Rack VHD Microphone Preamplifier Module with Listen Mic Compressor


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  • The devilishly warm and dirty alternative to the pure Mic Amp Module. A front end that combines classic SSL character with our new Variable Harmonic Drive circuit, delivering a time machine of overdrive characteristics.

    • Electronically balanced ultra-high bandwidth Mic input with +20dB to +70dB gain control
    • Hi-Z and Pad Switches on Mic Amp Input
    • Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input
    • Variable Harmonic Drive circuit adds a controllable blend of 2nd or 3rd Harmonic distortion
    • Dedicated Trim control after the VHD stage
    • Classic Listen Mic Compressor with fixed attack and release curves"_ ideal for drums
    • High and Low-Pass Filters

    Connection:The rear panel of the module carries theMic ("…IN') and Line input ("…LINE') XLRs alongwith a single output ("…OUT') XLR. The Line input and output operate at a nominal level of +4dBu although the gain of the Line input can be varied by a front panel control. Operation The X-Rack VHDMicmodule contains two separate input amplifiers

    VHD MIC AMP Section:Normally, the Microphone input will be selected ("…LINE' switch released); pressingthe "…VHD IN' switch puts the "…DRIVE' control into the signal path, enabling this input to emulate the overload characteristics of a traditional valve/tube design butwith the ability to tailor the warmth or musicality. The "…DRIVE' control shapes the overload curve to provide a user controlled blend of 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion. The gain of this input in either mode is continuously variable between +20dB and +70dB.

    TRIM Section:The TRIM control provides Î+/-24dB of gain adjustment for either the Microphone or Line inputs; the Line level input can be selected in place of the Microphone signal by pressing the "…LINE' switch. The (Phase) switch reverses the phase of the selected input HF/LF Section: This section contains simple high and low pass filters as follows:HF (Low Pass): Frequency range 20kHz "– 3kHz ("–3dB point) Slope: 12dB/Octave LF (High Pass): Frequency range 15Hz "– 350Hz ("–3dB point) Slope: 18dB/Octave The two filters can be switched into circuit independently.

    L COMP Section:The SSL "…Listen Mic' Compressor was, throughout the 1980's, the secret weapon in many producers sonic arsenal of recording techniques. Originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, its fixed attack and release curves were eminently suitable for use on ambient drum mics.

  • Physical
    Depth 200mm / 7.9 inches including front panel knobs, excluding connectors; 275mm / 10.9 inches including front panel knobs and connectors
    Height171mm / 6.75 inches
    Width 35mm / 1.4 inches front/rear panels; 49mm / 1.9 inches overall width (front and rear panels are offset)
    Weight260g / 9.5 ounces
    Boxed size 190mm x 290mm x 70mm / 7.5 x 11.5 x 2.5
    Boxed weight 460g / 16.5 ounces
    Temperature Operating: +5 to 30 deg. C; Non-operating: –20 to 50 deg. C; Max. gradient: 15 deg. C/hour
    Relative HumidityOperating: 20 to 80 %; Non-operating: 5 to 90 %; Max. wet bulb: 29 deg. C (non-condensing)
    VibrationOperating: < 0.2 G (3 – 100Hz); Non-operating, power off: < 0.4 G (3 – 100Hz)
    Shock Operating: < 2 G (10ms max.); Non-operating: < 10 G (10ms max.)
    AltitudeOperating: 0 to 3000m (above sea level); Non-operating: 0 to 12000m
    EQ Filters
    HF (Low Pass)Frequency range:20kHz – 3kHz (–3dB point); Slope:12dB/Octave
    LF (High Pass)Frequency range:15Hz – 350Hz (–3dB point) ; Slope: 18dB/Octave
    Microphone Amplifier Performance
    Gain Continously variable from +20dB to +70dB; Independently switchable 20dB Pad available
    Input Impedance Continously variable from ≅1k2ohms to ≅10kohms
    Output Headroom > +26dBu at onset of clipping
    THD + Noise (-18dBu applied, +28dB gain) ; < 0.2% (20Hz - 20kHz)
    With VHD, adjustable between < 0.2% and 5% (1kHz - 20kHz)
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz :+0.3dB; 50kHz :-3dB; 150kHz –3dB
    Equivalent Input Noise (input terminated with 150ohms) < –126dB at maximum gain < –80dB at minimum gain (with Pad ‘IN’)
    Common Mode Rejection(-10dBu applied, +30dB gain); > 75dB from 50Hz to 1kHz; > 65dB at 10kHz
    Line Input Performance
    Gain Continously variable from -24dB to +24dB
    Input Impedance10Kohms
    THD + Noise (-24dBu applied, +0dB gain) ; < 0.05% from 20Hz to 20kHz; -3dB at 50kHz
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz :+0.1dB from 20Hz to 20kHz; 50kHz –3dB
    Equivalent Input Noise (Input terminated with 150ohms) -90dB
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