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Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 9 - Spectral Editing and Repair Software (Competitive Crossgrade)

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Special priced crossgrade for registered owners of qualifying competing products.* SpectraLayers 9 introduces real-time dynamic spectral processing, letting you hear as well as see the effects of spectral process parameter changes as you work. This ability to perform exhaustive real-time process... Read More

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Special priced crossgrade for registered owners of qualifying competing products.*

SpectraLayers 9 introduces real-time dynamic spectral processing, letting you hear as well as see the effects of spectral process parameter changes as you work. This ability to perform exhaustive real-time processing eliminates trial-and-error, expands your choices and greatly enhances the productive capacity of the application, in terms of both speed and accuracy. Other new features — such as presets, simultaneous multi-layer de-bleeding and the new Unmix Level process — deliver workflow breakthroughs that make SpectraLayers more flexible than ever before.


  • Dynamic Spectral Processing introduces real-time dynamic spectral processing for an unparalleled boost in speed, precision and control. You hear the effects of spectral process parameter changes as you work.
  • Fast, Faster, SpectraLayers 9 In SpectraLayers 9, the ARA data transfer rate is 20x faster, allowing you to bring hundreds of clips at once into the spectral domain, in seconds.
  • Process and Tool Presets - a perfect complement to the new real-time preview functionality, you can now start with a default or custom preset and work from there.
  • Improved De-Bleed process to allow multiple bleed source layers to be applied to the target layer each time. Resulting in faster, higher quality de-bleeding.
  • Unmix Level process - the new Unmix Level process divides one layer into two, based on a user-selected amplitude split point.
  • Non-Modal Process Dialogs allowing you to work freely anywhere in the interface, even while a process dialog box is open.
  • Higher Editing Precision - the new Cursor Crosshair view option lets you get a precise visual reference on all content at any given frequency before making a selection.
  • Comprehensive Improvements including an improved Silence/Tone/Noise generation process, Improved Frequency Scale Scrollbar, Apple Silicon Support and more
  • New Look - SpectraLayers 9 has been updated with a new look that makes it easier to identify all application features and functions
  • Playback Output Gain Control allows you to set an independent program output level, specifically for spectral editing operations.

Artificial Intelligence. Sensory Integration.

Looking at audio on a spectrograph display is one thing, but the ability to easily touch, sculpt and shape what you see is what sets SpectraLayers apart. And now you have a skilled, highly trained AI partner that can sense patterns, perform operations and speed you on your way to perfect audio.

A foundation for AI-enhanced processing
The manual selection tools in SpectraLayers allow everything from broad brush editing to microscopic intervention. AI-assisted processes bring even more speed and precision, making the SpectraLayers tool set and layers-based workflow more powerful and flexible than ever.

From pure science to free improvisation
Use AI speed and precision to split a sample into layers and create freeform mixes. Automatically unmix tracks into stems, and stems into component parts. Quickly identify, isolate, and work on the tone, transients and noise signatures of extracted instruments. Do you make experimental music? Get granular and mold sound with surgical precision in SpectraLayers. It’s a freeform music creation tool… a genuine musical instrument.

Repair and restore
Find and erase errors and unwanted sounds, reduce noise, repair clips, remove clicks, tame transients and much more — manually or automatically — with the new AI-assisted processes in SpectraLayers. Work with speed and precision, and enjoy the satisfaction as you routinely salvage tracks and perform audio enhancements in ways you never thought possible.

The ARA era
Today’s audio production platforms need to work in both the waveform and spectral domains. What engineers want is serious application power, coupled with the flexibility to deliver the best in creative options, accessibility and workflow. Thanks to advanced ARA 2 technology, which is designed to build bridges between audio editing applications, SpectraLayers can be launched inside Nuendo, Cubase and a host of applications from other developers to provide comprehensive, non-destructive visual editing right on the DAW timeline.

Audio refabrication
Use high-precision tools to make super-detailed audio selections on the spectral display. Extract this material to independent layers for processing, in SpectraLayers or anywhere in the DAW ecosystem. Mix and render, or keep your edits preserved on the DAW timeline. With ARA 2 support, you can launch SpectraLayers directly into the Cubase/Nuendo waveform display window for the ultimate in real-time program integration.

Your personal pathway
SpectraLayers delivers AI-assisted spectral editing capabilities and seamless DAW integration. The entry-level Elements edition can perform precise error correction and includes automatic noise and hum reduction processes, as well as selected AI-assisted processes including vocal unmixing. The Pro edition features more comprehensive tools, along with the most sophisticated AI implementation. Now with second-generation AI and enhanced ARA 2 support, SpectraLayers is a standalone powerhouse and a superb extension for Cubase and Nuendo, bringing SpectraLayers magic directly into the DAW timeline.

*A copy of the original purchase receipt for the competitive product needs to be provided with purchase.

Qualifying products:

  • Adobe Audition (Single App and Creative Cloud subscriptions)
  • iZotope RX 5 or later (Standard/Advanced)

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Product Specs

Operating systems (Windows) 64-bit Windows 10 Version 21H1, 64-bit Windows 11 Version 21H2 (or higher)
Operating systems (Mac) macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey
Apple silicon–based Mac Rosetta 2 App, Native App
CPU minimum (Windows) Intel® Core™ i5 (4th Generation) or AMD Ryzen™
CPU minimum (Mac) Intel® Core™ i5 (mid 2013 or later) or Apple silicon
RAM minimum 4 GB
RAM recommended 8 GB
Hard disk free space 4 GB
Display resolution minimum at 100% UI scaling 1280 x 720
Display resolution recommended 1920 x 1080
Graphics minimum (Windows) OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card (DirectX 11 recommended) (Windows only)
License Management Steinberg Licensing (account based)
Internet connection for account sign up and product registration, installer download, license activation

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