Studio Technologies Model 74/75 StudioComm 5.1 Surround Monitor System


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  • StudioComm 74 / 75 Surround sound Monitoring System with Talkback

    The StudioComm for Surround Model 74 Central Controller and Model 75 Control Console work together to provide 5.1 surround and stereo source monitoring capabilities, along with a full-featured headphone "talkback" cue system. The system is a perfect fit for contemporary facilities that need to perform a variety of audio tasks. These can include surround and stereo mixing and monitoring, live recording of voice, music, and sound effects, and on-air broadcast applications. The system's features were carefully selected to provide extensive capabilities while remaining simple to operate. Of overriding concern is maintaining the quality of the connected audio sources. This is accomplished using a combination of excellent circuit design and carefully selected components. The Model 74/Model 75 combination is ideal for adding surround monitoring capability to disk-based recording systems. It's also well suited for upgrading a post-production or broadcast facility to support multi-channel monitoring.


    A complete StudioComm for Surround 74/75 system begins with the Model 75 Control Console, a compact user control surface that is intuitive and comfortable to use. It is designed to reside at the operator's location. The Model 75 connects to the Model 74 Central Controller using a single 9-pin cable. Occupying one rack space, the Model 74 provides all audio input and output circuitry, signal routing and control, and power supply functions. To complete the system up to four Model 35 Talent Amplifier modules can be added. These connect to the Model 74 using standard 3-pin XLR-type audio cables. Model 35 units are typically deployed in voice-over booths, studio areas, or other locations where voice or music talent needs access to a headphone cue feed. Each unit provides a stereo audio amplifier, user controls, and support for one or two pairs of headphones.
  • Model 74 Central Controller  
    General Audio  
    Frequency Response20 Hz-20 kHz ±0.1 dB (down 0.5 dB @ 60 kHz), monitor outputs
    Distortion0.04%, measured at 1 kHz, +4 dBu, monitor outputs
    S/N Ratio87 dB, ref +4 dBu out, 20 Hz-20 kHz, monitor outputs
    Crosstalk78 dB, typical, ref +4 dBu in, 20 Hz-20 kHz, monitor outputs
    Audio Inputs 16
    Configurationtwo 6-channel "5.1" inputs and two 2-channel "stereo" inputs
    Typeelectronically balanced, compatible with balanced or unbalanced sources
    Impedence24 k ohms
    Nominal Level–12 dBV to +6 dBu, adjustable
    Level Calibration15-turn trim potentiometers
    Monitor Outputs 2
    Typeelectronically balanced, compatible with balanced or unbalanced loads
    Maximum Level+27 dBu into 10 k ohms, +26 dBu into 600 ohms
    Talent Amplifier Output  
    Compatibilityprovides power and audio signals for up to four Model 35 Talent Amplifiers
    TypeDC power with two channels of unbalanced audio
    Connectionscommon on pin 1, DC (+27 volts nominal, 200 milliamperes maximum)modulated with channel 1 audio (–10 dBu nominal) on pin 2, and channel 2 audio (–10 dBu nominal) on pin 3
    Line-Level Cue Output  
    Configuration1, stereo
    Nominal Level+4 dBu, nominal
    Typeelectronically balanced, capacitor-coupled, intended to drive balanced or unbalanced loads of 600 ohms or greater
    Source Impedance100 ohms, nominal
    Maximum Level+20 dBu into 10 k ohms
    Line-Level Talkback Input  
    Level+4 dBu, nominal
    Typeelectronically balanced
    Impedance24 k ohms, nominal
    Infrared Receiver Input  
    Typeintended for use with industry-standard receiver module; data rate 650 baud
    Remote Control  
    Type+5 volts DC logic, activates on closure to system common
    Functionsmute, dim, talkback, input select
    Functions5.1 to stereo, stereo to mono (mono-to-left-and-right, mono-to-center)
    5.1 to StereoLS @ –3 dB summed with L; RS @ –3 dB summed with R, C @ –6 dB summed with L and R; LS, RS, and LFE monitor outputs mute
    Stereo to Mono (Mono-to-Left-and-Right)L summed with R to L and R or L summed with R to C; attenuation independently configurable; C, LS, RS, and LFE monitor outputs mute
    Stereo to Mono (Mono-to-Center)L summed with R to C; attenuation independently configurable; L, R, LS, RS, and LFE monitor outputs mute
    Stereo to Mono (Mono-to-Center) Bandpass Filter  
    Response–3 dB @ 100 Hz and 5 kHz, nominal,
    12 dB/octave
    Audio4, 25-pin D-subminiature female
    Talent Amplifier Output3-pin male XLR-type
    To/From Model 75: 9-pin D-subminiature female
    Remote Control Inputs9-pin D-subminiature female
    Infrared Receiver Input3.5 mm 3-conductor jack
    Functions+5V logic, activates on closure to system common
    AC Mains  
    Requirement100, 120, or 220/240 V, ±10%, factory configured, 50/60 Hz, 26 watts maximum
    Connector3-blade, IEC 320 C14-compatible (mates with IEC 320 C13)
    Dimensions (Overall)19.00 inches wide (48.3 cm)
    1.72 inches high (4.4 cm)
    9.58 inches deep (24.3 cm)
    Mountingone space in a standard 19-inch rack
    Weight9.5 pounds (4.3 kg)
    Model 75 Control Console  
    Applicationsupports Model 74 Central Controller
    Powerprovided by Model 74 Central Controller
    Output Datagenerates MIDI system-exclusive messages
    Connector9-pin D-subminiature female
    Dimensions (Overall)7.20 inches wide (18.3 cm)
    2.20 inches high (5.6 cm)
    5.40 inches deep (13.7 cm)
    Weight1.8 pounds (0.82 kg)
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