Symetrix Control I/O Control Input and Output SymNet Expansion Interface Box

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  • The Control I/O is an RS-485-based peripheral for Symetrix DSP systems. Control I/O also has a stand-alone ASCII mode, which is compatible with third-party hardware such as those from AMX, Crestron, etc. Control I/O functions as a hardware interface for analog controls such as switches, pots, relays and binary outputs – including generic MIDI devices that can be configured to function as a mixing console-type interface for SymNet. Control I/O functions as a hardware interface for analog controls, extending the capabilities and connectivity supported by Symetrix DSP models. The unit provides an assortment of external control options that can be assigned to most parameters within a Symetrix DSP. Programming assignments and firmware version upgrades are handled within by software included with Symetrix DSP hardware. The Control I/O package includes eight analog control inputs, eight open collector outputs, four normally open/normally closed relays, and four RJ-45 connectors to support four Symetrix ARC Wall Panels, each with a discrete channel of ARC Audio. A DB-15 connector functions as a MIDI interface. This allows communication from generic MIDI devices that can be configured to function as a mixing console-type interface for SymNet.

    In ASCII mode the Control I/O may be integrated into other third-party hardware and systems, such as those from AMX, Crestron, and others. Compatible systems must be capable of communicating with Control I/O over RS-485. All of the capabilities listed above apply, with the exception of ARC Wall Panel support. ARC Wall Panels are proprietary and only work with Symetrix DSP systems.Features:
    • Single rack space unit expands SymNet's ability to control 8and be controlled from external devices.
    • Applications include: External push-to-talk buttons, 8LED tallies, power-up sequencing, MIDI control surface integration.
    • Allows preset recall from MIDI program change commands.8
    • Allows remote placement up to 4000 feet from SymNet 8system.
    • RS-485-based peripheral with eight (8) analog control inputs, 8eight (8) open collector outputs, four (4) relay outputs, MIDI, four (4) ARC-2 ports, four (4) ARC Audio channels.
  • Analog control inputs0-5 VDC
    Recommended external control potentiometer10k Ohm, linear
    Recommended external control encoderMechanical, rotary
    O.C. maximum external power supply voltage50 VDC
    O.C. maximum external power supply current sinking100 mA
    O.C. maximum output current17 mA
    O.C. off output voltage4 VDC typical
    O.C. output resistance240 Ohms
    RS-485 serial I/O38.4 kbaud (default) 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control wired in parallel with STP cable
    ARC CableStandard CAT5, distance dependent upon load
    Maximum devices per RS-485 bus32
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