Tascam CD-RW900MKII Professional CD Recorder (with MP3 Playback)


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  • The CD-RW900MKII is a professional CD recorder that replacse the best-selling CD-RW900SL. A new TEAC tray-loading transport ensures years of reliable operation in the most demanding installations. The new transport also allows gapless recording when writing track markers, something not possible using off-the-shelf PC drives. Various recording features like automatic track creation help the operator create polished recordings without constant supervision. An AKM AK4528VM is used for AD/DA conversion for clean, clear sound quality with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz +/-0.8dB.


    • Adopts AK4528VM audio codec made by Asahi Kasei Microdevices which has 24-bits processing
    • Independent input level controls provides serious level control
    • Supported media: CD-R, CD-R-DA, CD-RW, CD-RW-DA
    • High speed CD-RW Supports
    • CD drive supports playback of CD-DA and Data-CD
    • High reliability proprietary TEAC tray drive
    • OPC (optimum power control) function: Adjusting the laser power for each disc type
    • Fade-in/Fade-out recording function (1 to 30 seconds, 1 seconds increments)
    • Sync recording function: Automatically start/stop recording at a preset level (-24dB to -72dB, 6dB increments)
    • Digital volume for adjusting recording level seriously (-??-54.0dB to 18.0dB)
    • Automatic track division: Automatically insert a track division at a preset condition
    • Manual track division: Insert a track division by manual operation
    • Time track division: Automatically insert a track division per preset interval (1 to 10 minutes, 1 minutes increments)
    • Rec-mute function: Recording four seconds of silence on the disc
    • Selectable maximum recording track numbers (automatically stop at preset number)
    • Erase function: Erase selected track or disc (for CD-RW)
    • Four playback modes (continuous, single, program, random)
    • Repeat playback function (continuous, single, program, random, A-B)
    • Fade-in/Fade-out playback function (OFF, 1 to 30 seconds, 1 seconds increments)
    • Auto-cue function: Automatically pause by detection of a sound of start point in a track
    • Auto-ready function: Automatically pause at head of next track after playback previous track
    • Pitch control playback function: Pitch and speed can be varied (+/-16%, 0.1 to 1.0% increments, for CD-DA)
    • Key control playback function: (b1 to b6, #1 to #6, half-note increments, for CD-DA)
    • When using key control function with pitch control function, these function provides speed changing without changing pitch
    • Timer playback function (external timer sold separately): Automatically begin playback when turned on
    • Unfinalize function (for CD-RW): Erase TOC information of finalized CD-RW
    • Time display switching (elapsed track/disc time, remaining track/disc time)
    • CD-text editing supports
    • PS/2 keyboard (sold separately) connection for remote control or entering a title
    • SRC (sampling rate converter): Automatically convert the incoming frequency to 44.1kHz (for 32 to 48kHz)
    • RCA analog unbalanced inputs/outputs
    • COAXIAL digital input/output (IEC60958-3:S/P DIF)
    • OPTICAL digital input/output (IEC60958-3:S/P DIF)
    • Wireless remote controller with 10-key included (for CD-RW900MKII)
    • Headphone output (20mW/ch)
    • 3-polar AC sockets with the detachable AC cable
    • 2U EIA rackmountable
    • RoHS certified

    CD Recorders That Meet The Demands of Professionals
    The high-performance AKM codec captures audio with a wide dynamic range for better-sounding CD recording

    Independent Input Trim Controls for Left and Right and Digital Input Trim
    Both the left and right analog inputs have their own analog input gain controls. In addition, the digital input can be controlled for optimal recording levels from a digital source.

    A selection of Track Division Functions
    The CD-RW900MKII and 901MKII have a variety of track division functions to make recording simpler. Additionally, a rec-mute function can insert silence between tracks.

    Automatic Track Division
    A track marker can be created based on the input level, adding a new track when the input falls below a specified level (from -24 to -72dB).
    Time Track Division
    Time-based track creation can be set every 1-10 minutes. This method is preferred in some applications like conference recording, when there is no gap between segments like there is when recording music.
    Manual Track Division
    A new track can be written manually by pressing the Record key while the unit is in record mode.

    All new TEAC-designed tray-loading transport with gapless continuous recording
    The new TEAC CD-W5600S transport was designed for audio use - not a re-packaged computer drive. The tray-loading design provides a stable platter to minimize errors while writing the disc. Improved firmware allows the transport to write track markers without a gap, for seamless continuous live recordings.

    The Features Required in a Professional CD Player
    Even if you don't need to record every day, the CD-RW900MKII and 901MKII make excellent CD players. Functions including auto-cue, auto-ready, pitch control, power-on playback, and fade-in/fade-out playback are provided. It is also possible to control the transport via a P/S2 keyboard (sold separately).

    Reliable TEAC CD Transport
    The new TEAC transport has been tuned up explicitly for these models. The drive can accept any legal CD type, including MP3 CDs. Like all TASCAM players, reliability is a principal design feature.

    Shockproof Memory Prevents Skipping Due To Vibration
    A RAM buffer stores audio data in memory to ensure smooth playback, even if shock or vibration lasts for up to four seconds.

    A Selection of Inputs and Outputs To Fit Any System Design
    Unbalanced analog and S/PDIF coaxial and optical connections are provided for connection flexibility.

    ISRC/RID Display Function for Checking after Mastering
    The ISRC (International Standard recording Code) written during mastering can be displayed. The CD-RW901mkII can check the data on a master disk after mastering. It can also display the RID (Recorder Identification Code).

    External Control via RS-232C & Parallel Control
    The RS-232C serial and 15-pin parallel terminals make it possible control the recorders from various master controllers. It can be used with a fader-start signal in a broadcasting station, or with a centralized control terminal in a public facility.

    Analog/Digital XLR Inputs and Outputs Connect to Professional Equipment
    Balanced analog XLR inputs and outputs are provided for use with pro equipment or long signal runs. Balanced AES/EBU is also included for use with digital mixers, processors, and processing.

    Overlap Recording Function for Extended Recordings
    Continuous recording is supported when using two or more CD-RW901MKIIs connected through their parallel ports. An optional cable is available for two or three-machine recording setups. A selectable overlap of 30, 60, or 90 seconds can be switched on for the next recorder to find a better edit point.

  • Supported disc types CD-R, CD-R-DA, CD-RW, CD-RW-DA(High Speed CD-RW is supported)
    Playback disc formats CD-DA, CD-ROM ISO9660 LEVEL 1/2 Joilet format, multisession discs and CD-text
    Playback file formats  
    CD-DA 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo
    MP3 44.1kHz, 64 to 320kbps, VBR
    Recording file formats  
    CD-DA 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo
    Connector RCA pin jack
    Input impedance 22k +/-10% (unbalanced)
    Reference input level -10dBV (Full scale -16dB)
    Minimum input level -19dBV (adjustable level at Full Scale -16dB)
    Connector RCA pin jack
    Output impedance 200
    Reference output level -10dBV +/-2dB (Full scale -16dB)
    Maximum output level +6dBV +/-2dB
    Connector RCA pin jack
    Format IEC60958-3(S/P DIF)
    Connector TOS LINK
    Format IEC60958-3(S/P DIF)
    Connector XLR-3-31
    Format IEC60958-4(AES/EBU)
    Connector RCA pin jack
    Format IEC60958-3(S/P DIF)
    Connector TOS LINK
    Format IEC60958-3(S/P DIF)
    Connector XLR-3-32
    Format IEC60958-4(AES/EBU)
    Connector 6.3mm(1/4) stereo phone jack
    Output power 20mW + 20mW or more(32 loaded)
    Connector Mini DIN 6pin
    Connector D-sub 9pin
    Connector D-sub 15pin
    Connector For RC-RW901
    Power North America: 120VAC, 60Hz
    Europe: 230VAC, 50Hz
    Australia: 240VAC, 50Hz
    Power consumption North America:16W
    Europe, Australia: 18W
    Dimensions 482.6(W)×94(H)×309(D)mm
    Weight 4.3kg/9.5lb
    Audio performance
    Frequency response  
    playback 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-0.8dB
    recording 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-1.0dB
    S/N ratio  
    playback 95dB
    recording 90dB
    Dynamic range  
    playback 95dB
    recording 90dB
    playback 0.006%
    recording 0.008%
    Channel separation  
    playback 90dB(1kHz)
    recording 80dB(1kHz)
    Wow and flutter Immeasurable (0.001% or less)
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