Tecnec BSC6XXJ Sescom XLR Audio Cable (Black/6 Foot)


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  • World's Finest XLR Male to XLR Female Star-Quad Microphone Audio Cables hand crafted by Sescom featuring Belden 1192A Low-Noise Cable. Cables are built with the highest quality connectors from Neutrik, Connectronics & Switchcraft.

    Belden microphone cable is used for connecting low level microphones or musical instruments. Key properties of microphone (MIC) cable are ruggedness, flexibility, flex life and interference immunity.
    Cable construction utilizes a 4 conductor configuration. Quad MIC cables are connected by attaching the two white conductors to one pin and two blue conductors to the other pin in a balanced-line XLR type connector. Besides the common-mode rejection of a standard balanced line, this gives common-mode rejection at each pin, greatly reducing noise and interference.

    All Belden microphone cables utilize only HIGH CONDUCTIVITY copper produced by a process called ELECTROLYTIC TOUGH PITCH. This refining process produces a copper conductor that is 99.95% pure copper resulting in HIGH CONDUCTIVITY per ASTM B115. The high purity obtained from ETP copper results in microphone cable performance that is comparable to that of oxygen free copper cables.


    • StarQuad (4 conductor)
    • Improved noise & hum rejection
    • 6 colors
    • Low-Impedance Cable
    • Ultimate performance
    • Efficient technology
    • Optimal transmission
  • Conductors 4
    Conductor AWG 24
    Conductor Stranding 42x40
    Conductor Material SBC - Soft Bare Copper
    Conductor Dia. (in.) 0.024
    Insulation Material PE - Polyethylene
    Insulation Material Wall Thickness (in.) 0.016
    Insulation Material Dia. (in.) 0.056
    Outer Shield Type Braid
    Outer Shield Material TC - Tinned Copper
    Outer Shield Coverage (%) 95
    Outer Jacket Material PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
    Outer Jacket Nom. Wall Thickness (in.) 0.045
    Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 21 lbs.
    Min. Bend Radius (Install)/Minor Axis 2.450 in.
    Nom. Characteristic Impedance (Ohm) 40
    Nom. Inductance (µH/ft) 0.21
    Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor (pF/ft) 39.2
    Nom. Cap. Between Cond. in a Quad Config. (pF/ft) 57.4
    Nominal Velocity of Propagation (%) 66
    Max. Operating Voltage - UL 100 V RMS
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