Telos 2001-00076 Zephyr Xstream Digital Network Transceiver (Ethernet and ISDN)


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  • Zephyr Xstream is the world’s leading ISDN codec, compatible with the widest variety of third party codecs. Coding choices include MPEG4-AAC and AAC-LD, Layer 2, Layer 3 & G.722 coding for full-duplex stereo operation of up to 20 kHz audio on a single ISDN line; broadcast quality mono audio at 15 kHz or 20 kHz is possible on a single ISDN “B” channel or other 56/64 kbps channel. All Xstream models feature professional balanced analog inputs/outputs, as well as Livewire+ I/O for quick connection to Axia networks; AES/EBU I/O is standard on rackmount model. An ISDN TA with integral NT1 provides worldwide ISDN compatibility without software changes. Remote Control is possible over RS-232 or Ethernet.


    • Ethernet ports for remote control via LAN or WAN, and for connection to your Livewire+ AoIP networks.
    • Bring audio from any codec anywhere in the world directly to your Axia network.
    • Auto Receive mode quickly determines the correct coding algorithm for incoming audio streams.
    • MPEG AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) permits true CD-quality stereo transmission with a connection speed of just 128 kbps.
    • Low-Delay MPEG AAC-LD coding delivers crystal-clear audio quality and greatly reduced encoding delay for smooth, natural bi-directional remotes.
    • MPEG Layer-3 coding for compatibility with the largest number of third-party codecs. When using MPEG Layer-3, a unique Dual Receive mode allows reception of independent audio streams arriving from two distant ISDN lines – great for bilingual broadcasts.
    • Exclusive Error Concealment technology prevents occasional network glitches from being heard.
    • RS-232 and 8-input, 8-output parallel ports provide ancillary data and bi-directional contact closures.
    • Hand-in-glove operation with companion Zephyr Xport portable codec for reception of 15kHz audio using a POTS field connection.
    • V.35/X21 option allows connection to serial synchronous data equipment, for use with dedicated lines, Switched 56 circuits or satellite services.
    • N/ACIP compliant for compatibility with the widest range of ISDN codecs.
    • Convenient ISDN Voice Telephone Mode allows placement of standard G.711 phone calls from your Zephyr Xstream.
  • General Full duplex, high-fidelity codec using MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 AAC-LD MPEG-2 Layer-3, MPEG-2 Layer-2, AACPlus, and G.722; fully compliant with international standards.
    Frequency Response 20 - 20kHz @ 48kHz fs (+0/-1dB, swept sine tone procedure)
    AAC all modes except Stereo 64: 20-19,800Hz at 48kHz fs., 20-15,000Hz at 32kHz fs.
    AAC Stereo 64: 20-10,000Hz at 48kHz fs., 20-7,000Hz at 32kHz fs
    AACPlus mono (for use reception from the Xport): 20-15,000 Hz 48kHz fs
    Layer 3 all modes: 20-16,000Hz at 48kHz fs., 20-15,000Hz at 32kHz fs
    Layer 2 mono, dual mono: 20-7.8kHz/9.8kHz
    Layer 2 mono 20-8.6 kHz at 24 kHz fs.
    Layer 2 joint stereo: 20-20,000Hz at 48kHz fs. 20-15 kHz at 32kHz fs
    G.722: 20-7,500Hz.
    THD+N Audio loopback, 48kHz fs, analog I/O, input at 1kHz +20dBu: 0.004%
    Dynamic Range A Weighting, AAC, Layer-3 or 2 end-to-end: 101dB typical
    Send Input Active balanced with RF protection.
    Zephyr Xstream LINE: Settable to -11 or +4dBu (or -15 to 0 dBu) nominal level
    Clip point: 18 dB above chosen nominal level.
    Impedance: > 10K Ohms (x2)
    Connector: XLR female/quarter-inch TRS combo connector.
    Limiter Analog soft-clipper prevents A/D converter overload without loss of dynamic range.
    Line Bit Rates (ISDN) 56 or 64kbps per channel, front panel selectable
    Bit Rates (V.35/X.21) 56, 64, 112 (imuxed), 128 (imuxed), 96, 128, 256, 384 kbps front panel selectable
    Receive Output Active differential.
    Level: Front panel selectable for -10 or +4dBu, nominal.
    Impedance: < 33 Ohms (x2)
    XLR male
    AES/EBU Digital I/O (rackmount version only) Sample rates supported: 32, 44.1 and 48kHz
    Rate conversion: Input and output independently selectable. Can be bypassed.
    Input clock: From external source or Telco clock.
    Output clock: From transmission sample rate, external source, or AES/EBU input.
    Inverse Multiplex/Demultiplex Internal channel splitting/combining of two network channels for stereo modes.
    AAC: Telos Zephyr™ protocol.
    AAC-LD: Telos Zephyr™ protocol.
    Layer-3: FHG/Telos Zephyr™ (Buchta) protocol.
    Layer-2: CCS CDQ™ protocol compatible.
    Optional V.35/X.21 Direct Digital Interface Two ports, both V.35/X.21. Automatically selected when the appropriate cable is connected.
    ISDN Interface Compatible with National ISDN, AT&T 5ESS custom, Northern Telecom DMS-100 custom, Siemens EWSD, INS 64(Japan) and EURO-ISDN (ETS-300). Compatibility and approval pending in some countries; contact Telos for current status.
    LAN Interface 100Base-T Ethernet port using RJ-45 connector. Full Duplex Supports TCP/IP (HTML, Telnet and FTP).
    ISDN Voice Telephone Mode Two channels using G.711 standard, μ-Law or A-Law. 300–3,400Hz. DTMF signaling provided (CCITT standard).
    Remote Control and Ancillary Data
    RS-232 9-pin D-Sub female (DCE): Asynchronous; 8 data, no parity, 1/2 stop, 2400-57,600 bps.
    100Base-T Ethernet port using RJ-45-style connector using Telnet or web browser (HTML).
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