Telos TWOx12 - 12 Line ISDN Talk Show System with 3 Dual U Cards and Integrated Telos TWO - B-Stock


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    The Telos TWOx12 is designed for stations where up to 12 incoming talk lines are required. It is also well suited to dedicated studios within larger facilities. It also has the flexibility to serve two studios simultaneously, with one hybrid for each studio.

    • Studio-grade 20-bit A-to-D conversion, combined with noise gating and shaping, guarantees crystalline audio to the ISDN lines and significantly improved send levels.
    • Simultaneous analog and AES/EBU outputs.
    • Automatic high-precision sample rate conversion for incoming ISDN circuits.
    • Unmatched Send/Receive separation using Telos’ time-tested Adaptive Cancellation technology. Each hybrid automatically & continuously adjusts to phone line conditions, virtually eliminating the hollowness, feedback and distortion that occurs when send audio “leaks” into the caller output signal.
    • Sophisticated AGC/limiting functions and three-band Digital Dynamic Equalization (DDEQ) ensure consistent caller audio levels and spectral consistency.
    • Easy to use menus. Full metering for proper setup and operation.
    • Caller ID support (ISDN only) and fully adjustable Caller Ducking (override) helps hosts stay in control.
    • Conference linking ability lets you set up high-quality conferencing between callers with no external equipment needed. (Only a single mix-minus is required.)
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