Tieline TLISDNUSG3 USA BRI ISDN Module for G3 Series Codecs


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  • Tieline ISDN codecs provide simple, ultra-reliable, high-speed digital leased line connections that can connect over either "…U' or "…S/T' ISDN interfaces using purpose-built Tieline ISDN modules. These modules slot neatly into Commander G3 field, rack mount and i-Mix codecs in seconds, providing connections between other Tieline codecs and a large range of different codec brands. If you already own a Tieline codec, upgrading your codec for ISDN use is a simple process - just purchase the ISDN module for your region, plug it into the codec, load the profile you require and you are ready to connect.

    Features:Tieline offers broadcasters the latest connection software for one touch dialing over ISDN networks. We also offer:
    • Automatic failover with complete redundancy over multiple network types and the ability to have connections such as POTS or IP simultaneously dialed up and streaming audio.
    • Full remote control of connected codecs from the studio.
    • A fully featured digital matrix router for routing inputs to your choice of digital and analog outputs.
    • One touch dialing for connecting over IP and 3GIP networks.
    • Future-proofing with the ability to connect over IP and 3GIP.
    • The ability to connect to up to four 64kbps ISDN B channels simultaneously.
    • U and S/T ISDN plug-in modules for different ISDN networks.
    • Simple connection wizards for programming new connections
    • Relay inputs and outputs for flexible machine control.
    • The ability to connect over B-GAN satellite connections.

    Compatibility with All Major Codec Brands: With Tieline ISDN you can connect to AEQ, AETA, APT, AudioTX, Comrex, Glennsound, Mayah, Orban, Prodys, STL IP and Telos codecs - to name just a few.

    Higher Bit-rates, Higher Quality Connections: Each ISDN plug-in module is capable of connecting to two ISDN B channels. Depending on the number of ISDN modules installed, field Commander codecs are capable of connections from 64kbps to 192kbps and rack codecs are capable of up to 256kbps.

    Tieline ISDN provides up to 20kHz high-quality FM audio when connecting to all major codec brands using the highly compatible and popular MPEG1 Layer 2, G.722 and G.711 algorithms. For the highest quality you can choose from MP2 mono, dual mono, stereo or J-stereo. Alternatively, you can save money on bandwidth by connecting between two Tieline codecs using Tieline MusicPLUS and achieve 20kHz stereo at 128kbps, with only 20ms of encoding delay. By using the Tieline Music algorithm you can achieve 15kHz stereo over a single 64kbps ISDN B channel, with a low 20ms encode delay.

    Simple to Connect, Easy to Operate, Flexible to Program: All Tieline codecs feature one-touch connections over ISDN and all other supported transports. Remote codecs can be fully controlled and programmed from the studio using ToolBox software - so your announcers can concentrate on broadcasting. In addition, 1RU and 2RU Commander studio codecs can be remote controlled and programmed using a fully-optioned Graphic User Interface (GUI), that replicates the controls of the 2RU Commander codec front panel. Tieline codecs also support connection to 3rd party codec control systems such as the widely used MDC.net management system from RaLex Solutions.

    Flexible Codecs for Flexible Networks: With Tieline you can protect your investment in codec technology. As the demand for IP-based networks increases, audio codecs are increasingly expected to connect over a number of different network transports at different times. Install a Tieline rack-mount codec with a POTS and ISDN module in your studio and you can connect and broadcast over ISDN, POTS/PSTN IP, wireless 3G and even GSM any time you like.

  • Formats BRI 64\128 KB which supports G.711, G.722, Tieline Music and Mpeg Layer 2 Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo and Joint Stereo
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