VUE Audiotechnik as-418 Quad 18-inch Isobaric Subwoofer


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  • As the flagship of the A Class subwoofer family, the formidable as-418 installs four custom-engineered, 18-inch drivers into a compact enclosure comparable in size to most dual-18-inch subwoofer designs. Drivers are configured into a pair of front-to-front, isobaric (push-pull) configurations. The direct radiation from each front driver is combined with the output of the companion rear driver in a tuned vented enclosure. This Compound Force design enables more output and less distortion, while at the same time delivering four 18's in an enclosure no larger than a typical dual 18-inch subwoofer.

    The custom-engineered transducers inside the as-418 are equally unique. Each feature a large, 4-inch voicecoil and ceramic ferrite magnet. Ceramic is a much better choice for subwoofer application where extreme excursions generate operating temperatures that can easily demagnetize neodymium components over time.  By combining the large voice coil with a ceramic magnet structure, we increased power handling and decreased power compression, while ensuring reliable performance that would be consistent year after year under the most demanding conditions.

    The as-418 features a robust, multi-ply birch enclosure with extensive interior bracing and dampening materials to reduce unwanted flex and resonant frequencies. The cabinet is protected by a rugged, industrial grade polyurethane finish while the front features a protective steel grill with a water resistant powder coating.  Integrated handles allow for easy portable use.

    Like their full range counterparts, A Class subwoofers were designed specifically for working professionals seeking a better balance of performance, versatility and value.  The line provides options for adding low frequency impact to a broad range of sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, theaters and auditoria, as well as portable PA for working bands, clubs or corporate events.

    Every individual component inside the A Class subwoofers is optimized for each unique design. From transducers and cabinet architecture, to precision-tuned vents, crossovers and amplification, our team ensures that every element works at peak efficiency and in perfect harmony to deliver impactful and defined low frequency extension.


    • Quad 18 LF drivers with 4 (100 mm) voice coils
    • Dual isobaric configuration for extended low frequency response and compact footprint
    • Very low second order harmonic distortion inherent in push / pull isobaric design
    • 2400 W/4800 W, long term/program power handling
    • Usable response down to 30 Hz
    • Max long term output 134 dB SPL
    • Multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch construction
    • Perforated steel grills with powdercoat finish
    • Integrated handles and stacking skids
  • Model as-418
    Description  Quad 18 isobaric compact subwoofer
    Acoustic Data
    Frequency Response  (+-3 dB) 30 – 180 Hz
    Frequency Range (-10 dB) 24 – 350 Hz
    Efficiency (1 W/1 m) 100 dB SPL
    Power Handling Long Term 2400 watts rms
    Power Handling Program 4800 watts rms
    Max Peak SPL (bank limited pink noise 6 dB crest factor) 140 dB SPL
    Max SPL Long Term (AVG SPL @1M before protection,
    band limited pink noise)
    134 dB SPL
    Coverage Horizontal   360 degrees – 6 dB
    Coverage Vertical 360 degrees – 6 dB
    Transducer Data
    LF Driver Description 18 , paper cone, cloth surround,
    Ferrite, 4 (100 mm )voice coil, TIL, i/o 22 mm winding, 12 mm gap height, 8 Ohms
    Impedance  2x 16 Ohms or 8 ohms
    Connectors 2x Nutrik NL-4 SpeakconPin 1+/-: LF1 / Pin 2+/-: LF2
    Cabinet Material 15-30 mm cross-laminated birch plywood
    Cabinet Surface Black, 6 layer polymer textured finish
    Handles Four recessed on sides
    Features  Stacking skids, pole mount
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 20.87 x 47.01 x 29.13 in
    530 x 1194 x 740 mm
    Weight 196.2 lbs 89 kg
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