Yamaha DA824 8-Channel Recording Quality D-A Converter (for Yamaha Digital Mixers)


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  • The DA824 can operate in conjunction with other digital audio equipment or as a stand-alone converter. A Mini-YGDAI card slot allows it to connect to digital mixing engines, digital mixing consoles, or digital MTRs, providing a high quality back end for analog audio output. A connection can be made between the DA824 and another device by using any digital MY series card (AES/EBU, TASCAM, ADAT) in the DA824 to the same format on the sending device. For example, to connect the DA824 to the DME32, use an MY8-AE in the DA824 and another MY8-AE in the DME32 unit. The two units connect via an AES/EBU cable.

    Using a combination of remote AD824s and DA824s, one can place inputs and outputs throughout a facility as needed. By remoting the I/O, the signal can be kept in the digital realm where long transmission lines (up to 200 meters with an AES/EBU interface) are required. This keeps the sound quality pristine by preventing possible interference from RF or other factors that degrade analog signals.


    • High quality 24-bit D/A.
    • Balanced XLR and 1/4 output connectors.
    • Maximum +4, +15, +18, or +24 dBm output level individually selectable for each channel.
    • Mini-YGDAI card slot (ADAT, TASCAM, AES/EBU).
    • Word clock input and thru connectors.
    • Signal, nominal, and peak LED indicators.
  • Sampling rate MY8-AE, MY8-TD 39.69-50.88 kHz
    MY8-AT 41.013-50.88 kHz
    DA conversion resolution 24-bit linear, 128-times oversampling
    Frequency response -3, +1 dB, 20 Hz-20 kHz
    Dynamic Range1 110 dB (typical)
    Gain Error +/-1 dB @ 1 kHz
    THD2 0.5%, 20 Hz-20 kHz
    0.01% full scale output @ 1 kHz
    Hum & Noise Level1 -92 dB (typical)
    Crosstalk -70 dB between adjacent channels @1 kHz
    Signal Delay 0.57 ms (digital input to analog output, fs = 48 kHz)
    Indicators PEAK 3 dB below full scale
    NOMINAL 14 dB below full scale
    SIGNAL 34 dB below full scale
    LOCK Word clock lock
    POWER Power on/off
    Power requirements U.S.A. & Canada 120 V AC, 60 Hz
    Power consumption 40 W
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 18.9 x 3.84 x 14.44
    Weight 7.5 kg (16.53 lbs)
    Free-air operating temperature 10o C to 35o C (50o F to 95o F)
    Storage temperature -20o C to 60o C (-4o F to 140o F)
    Power cord length 1.9 m
    Supplied Accessories Owner's Manual
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