Zaxcom TRX743.6/A Plug-On Wireless Transmitter (Mono Analog Input)


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  • The TRX743 is a wide-band plug-on style digital wireless microphone with interchangeable cones to support all professional microphone varieties – mono analog, stereo analog, AES and AES42 – making it an ideal choice for wireless transmission directly from boom poles or handheld microphones. The TRX743 features the new Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) Modulation. ZHD Modulation allows up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in only 1 MHz of spectrum space. Channel spacing will vary based on the receiver you pair it with.

    The wireless signal is only 50 KHz wide and can be spaced as close as 100 KHz channel to channel allowing up to sixty channels of ZHD wireless in a single 6 MHz American television channel. The new modulation is ultra efficient resulting in incredible transmission range.

    The ZHD transmitters are capable of running all existing mono Zaxcom modulations maintaining compatibility with all currently produced Zaxcom receivers. ZHD modulation conforms to all currently proposed FCC regulations for spectrally efficient wireless transmission.


      Ultra small spectral footprint of 50kHz that can be spaced as close together as 100KHz
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  • TRANSMITTER RF Modulation: Proprietary Digital Method
    TRX743.5 RF Frequency Range: 512 - 614 MHz
    TRX743.6 RF Frequency Range: 596 - 698 MHz
    RF Frequency Step: 100 KHz
    RF Bandwidth in ZHD Mode: 50 KHz
    RF Bandwidth in XR Mode: 200 KHz
    Channel Separation in ZHD Mode: as close as 100 KHz (receiver dependent)
    Channel Separation in XR Mode: 400 KHz
    Antenna Connector: 50 Ω SMA Female
    Emission Designator: 180 KV2E, 100 KV2E, 50 KV2E
    FCC Part: 74.861
    TRANSMITTER AUDIO Dynamic Range: 126 dB (Stereo model 106 dB)
    Distortion: 0.002%
    Frequency Response: Mode 0: 20 Hz to 16 kHz / T & M Mode 0.2 Hz to 16 kHz
    High Pass Filter: Off or 30 to 220 Hz, Steps: 10 (6 dB Per Octave)
    Mic Connector: 3-Pin or 5-Pin XLR
    Analog Mic Power: 48 V Phantom (10 mA max)
    Digital Mic Power: 10 V AES42 compatible (200 mA max)
    Input Range: -60 to -30 dBu
    Mic Impedance: 4.7 k Ω
    ADC Bit-Depth: 24 Bits
    Audio Interfaces: Balanced analog mono, balanced stereo, AES42, AES
    TIMECODE READER / GENERATOR Clock Accuracy: 1.54 PPM (1 Frame Out in 6 Hours)
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