Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex - Bodypack Transmitter for ZaxNet Wireless Systems (512 - 614 MHz)


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  • A tough transmitter designed for tough demands. Deliver pristine audio quality with the ZMT3-Flex, a bendable wireless transmitter designed to capture the on-field experience of professional sports. Weighing only 3 oz (85 g), the ZMT3-Flex is constructed from a soft yet durable silicon rubber that allows the transmitter to bend and flex, providing an elevated level of safety for the professional sports player.

    The ZMT3-Flex works with either a single mono or dual lavalier microphones in stereo via two microdot input connectors.

    The ZMT3-Flex transmits using 100% digital modulation resulting in audio that’s fully encrypted. Digital encryption is the only way to keep audio transmissions private. The system uses one of 16 million encryption codes for an unbreachable level of privacy.

    Audio can be simultaneously recorded internally to a microSD card using the highly reliable lossless MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) which eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to a dead battery or early card removal.

    The ZMT3-Flex provides a 128 dB dynamic range in mono and 108 dB in stereo with no limiting or compression distortion. External audio and battery status levels are seen on the OLED or at the Zaxcom receiver.

    ZaxNet™ allows for remote changes in the channel, pre-amp gain, output power or to be placed into record mode, playback and stop modes without removing the transmitter from the talent.

    Zaxcom High-Density modulation or ZHD for short increases the number of available channels in one MHz of spectrum space.

    RF Modulation Proprietary Digital Method
    RF Frequency Range 512 - 614 MHz
    RF Frequency Step 100 KHz
    RF Bandwidth in ZHD48 Mode 50 KHz
    RF Bandwidth in ZHD96 Mode 100 KHz
    RF Bandwidth in XR Mode 200 KHz
    Channel Separation in ZHD48 Mode as close as 100 KHz
    Channel Separation in ZHD96 Mode as close as 200 KHz
    Channel Separation in XR Mode 400 KHz
    Antenna Connector 50 Ω SSMA Female
    Emission Designator 180 KV2E, 100 KV2E, 50 KV2E
    FCC Part 74.861
    Dynamic Range Mono Mode 128 dB
    Dynamic Range Stereo Mode 108 dB
    Distortion 0.002%
    Frequency Response Mode 0: 20 Hz to 16 kHz
    High Pass Filter Off or 30 to 220 Hz, Steps: 10 (6 dB Per Octave)
    Mic Power 3.3 VDC
    Mic Connector two microdot
    Input Range -60 to -30 dBu
    Mic Impedance 6.8 k Ω
    ADC Bit-Depth 24 Bits
    ADC Sampling-Rate 48 kHz
    Clock Accuracy 1.54 PPM (1 Frame Out in 6 Hours)
    Timecode Type SMPTE
    Timecode Frame-Rates 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97NDF, 29.97DF, 30NDF, 30DF
    Media MicroSD Card (Flash Memory)
    File Format .ZAX / Converts to BWAV or MP3
    RF Frequency Range 2.403 to 2.475 GHz
    RF Modulation Digital Spread Spectrum
    RF Frequency Step 0.001 GHz (1 MHz)
    RF Bandwidth 1 MHz
    Channel Separation 2 MHz
    Sensitivity -96 dBm
    Weight 3 oz / 85 grams with Battery
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.8" x 1.7" x .4″
    Display Graphic OLED
    Power Output 25 / 50 / 75 mW – Software Selectable
    Battery Type Li Ion 1300mAH
    Battery Life Up to 6 Hours with 24 Hours of Standby
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