2018 DTV Audio Group Recap

April 16, 2018

By Joel Guilbert, Dale Pro Audio

Held just in advance of the 2018 NAB Show, the DTV Audio Group brought together a standing room only group of the top industry engineers, visionaries, and luminaries to discuss current trends in all things television audio.

Co-sponsored by Dale Pro Audio, the afternoon's proceedings were held in the Alexis Park Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Opening remarks by DTV Group's Executive Director Roger Charlesworth were about the accelerated rate of change brought on by IP production and distribution, streaming to fixed and mobile devices and virtualized infrastructure.

Thomas Edwards, Vice President of Engineering & Development, Fox Networks Engineering and Operations spoke about the evolution of SMPTE2110, and the provision affecting audio - 2110-30, and the 2110-31 (compressed audio) and 2110-40 (metadata), which are in their last draft and pre-publication audio respectively.

Karl Malone, Director of Sound Design, NBC Sports/Olympics, shared some truly impressive statistics on the amount of coverage, and the amount of equipment (and humans) that NBC used for the great sounding recent Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Kent Terry, Senior Manager of Audio Technology, Office of the CTO, Dolby Laboratories introduced the topic of audio metadata in live IP streams - the future use of AES x242, which defines audio metadata in SMPTE 2110-30.

Jim Starzynski, Director & Principal Audio Engineer, NBC Universal, Chairman DTVAG discussed the progress of the CTA working group on device loudness, the challenges they are facing.

Tim Carroll, Senior Director Technology, Sound Group, Office of the CTO, Dolby Laboratories presented a slideshow of recent adventures with the first American ATSC 3.0 transmission from the Pyeongchang Olympics to WRAL in Raleigh NC.

Rob France, Senior Marketing Manager, Dolby Laboratories discussed the constant evolution of Dolby Atmos immersive audio in live productions. A highlight was Game Creek Video's recent Atmos production/mixing of NHRA drag racing championships.

Pete Walker, Product Manager, Calrec and Larissa Göerner, Strategic Product Manager, Net Insight had some insight on virtualization and the future of remote production with these virtual console schemes.

Jackie Green, President/Chief Technology Officer, Alteros presented information on Alteros 6.5ghz ultra wideband wireless microphone solution.

A lively panel (top image) consisting of Fred Aldous, Lead Audio Consultant and Senior Audio Engineer, Fox Sports; Stacey Foster, President Production Services, Broadway Video, and Coordinating Producer, Saturday Night Live, Scott Kramer, Manager, Sound Technology, Netflix, Sean Richardson, Executive Director, Principal Audio Engineer, Starz Entertainment, Jim Starzynski, Director and Principal Audio Engineer, NBC Universal, Chairman DTVAG, discussed how Dolby Atmos and other emerging technologies are affecting production and post-production in traditional terrestrial television and internet and other broadcasts.

Joel Guilbert is Dale Pro Audio's Technology Development Manager, and assists on technical support inquiries, system design and integration, and much more for our company. He can be reached at joel@daleproaudio.com.

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