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Taking A Closer Look At Audio-Technica's BP28 Series Microphones

October 25, 2021

Audio-Technica BP28

Audio-Technica just released a new series of large-diaphragm shotgun microphones, designed to usher a new era of sound capture in the field. What will make these new models stand out against the decades-old, time-tested designs of other shotguns? Our Joel Guilbert posed these questions to Audio-Technica's pro audio marketing director Gary Boss.

BP28 and BP28L

Can you describe the new AT BP28 + BP28 LP shotgun microphones?

Both microphones feature large-diaphragm condenser elements mounted in 1.1 inch (28 mm) diameter housings made of structure-grade aluminum alloy with a patented port design. They are available in 2 lengths: BP28 – 14 inches (354.9 mm) and BP28L – 22.4 inches (567.9 mm)

What makes these mics so special? If I was used to a 416, what would catch my ear?

The secret to their sound lies both in the large-diameter diaphragms and the patented port design. Traditionally shotgun microphones rely on a smaller diaphragm elements which cannot duplicate the specifications or sound quality of a large-diaphragm design. You will immediately notice a smoother overall sound quality and stunning dynamic range of 145 dB and max SPL of 148 dB with the 10 dB pad engaged. Perfect for exciting capture of events like motorsports. For soundstage or nuanced sports broadcast applications like golf, the extremely low noise specification of 3 dB will be appreciated. The patented port design not only delivers a highly directional pickup but also maintains directionality across the audio spectrum for better fidelity and pattern control.

For audiences new to this microphone since it's so new to our country - Where have these been used before?

The product has had extensive testing during development in Japan but recent uses of the production models include Moto GP, the summer games in Tokyo and major broadcast golf events.

BP28 at Moto GP

Of particular note is the instant success of the ‘developed for sports broadcasting’ Audio-Technica BP28 and BP28L large-diaphragm shotgun microphones deployed at MotoGP. Daniel Laviña, Media Technical Director, Dorna Sports stated: “We immediately noticed a major step change in track audio acquisition quality when the Audio-Technica shotguns were installed. With their exceptionally wide frequency response and high SPL threshold, they seem ideally suited to the sound of the race, and we can now have great quality audio continuity between one camera position and the next.”

The BP28 and BP28L are shipping in November 2021 - more info and pricing can be found HERE.

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