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Virtualizing The Broadcast Studio with Telos Alliance

June 23, 2021

Major advances in networking technology have facilitated the idea of the “virtualized studio”. This had already begun to appeal to the broadcast production industry for a number of reasons: scalability, flexibility, cost savings.

One interesting side-effect of the recent stay-at-home period was the necessary acceleration of off-site solutions of all types, allowing engineers and talent to work from outside the traditional studio environment.

Through either connecting remotely to hardware in a studio, or connecting to software running on servers in remote data-centers around the globe, the show did indeed go on.

Taking It To The Cloud
Housed in a remote web server in the cloud such as Amazon’s AWS platform, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, studio processing is instead offloaded from the facility itself. Not only does this make the system far more flexible, but also enables techs, producers, and talent to be anywhere in the world as they work.

While this was highly valuable to all kinds of workflows, it found great importance in facilitating the glue that held these “working at home” productions together: comms. Enter our friends at the Telos Alliance...

Telos Alliance’s new Infinity VIP intercom and VXs VoIP phone system can be run on a standard Amazon EC instance, and would allow the intercom or phone system brains to run “in the cloud” and be connected to from anywhere with a solid internet connection.

Infinity VIP
Telos Infinity VIP (stands for Virtual Intercom Platform) is the first fully-featured Cloud-based intercom system. It delivers sophisticated comms virtually, making Cloud-based media production workflows available on any device—smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. You can even use a controller like Elgato’s Stream Deck locally as a “key panel”.

Telos VXs helps broadcasters reap the benefits of true virtualization as they adapt to changing broadcast workflows, all while making it easier for remote teams to tap into production and engineering partylines. From remote IFBs to audience call-ins, VXs can run anywhere from one or two lines in a small studio to the on-air phones for your entire plant, giving you incredible
operational power, adaptable workflows, and superior audio quality.

“Virtualization and the move to the Cloud is the next great technology frontier”, says Martin Dyster at Telos Alliance. “As a company whose foundations represent the birth of AoIP, Telos Alliance has a unique perspective and the ability to lead the market into the virtual future.”

Contributors to this story: Eric Eldredge and Joel Guilbert, Dale Pro Audio, and Martin Dyster, Telos Alliance.

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