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SVG Summit 2017 in NYC

December 12, 2017

Every December, our partners at the Sports Video Group host their two-day summit in Manhattan, bringing together experts, representatives, and technical specialists from the world of sports broadcasting. This event is annually hosted at the luxurious New York Hilton in Midtown.

Topics covered included venue production and setup, asset management, workflow design, and, of course, broadcast and field audio technologies.

The DTV Audio Group and DTVAG Spectrum Working Group sessions were proudly co-sponsored by Dale Pro Audio - our representatives at the event included Joel Guilbert, Joe Prout, Mike Descoteau, Mike Bogen, and Eric Eldredge.

DTV Audio Group
Much of the audio-related scope of the event is the DTV Audio Group, which focuses on emerging technologies for broadcast audio, such as new standards, new formats, and much more.

This session brought about some of the ongoing potential applications for immersive and multichannel audio for events, up to and including multi-language and/or home/visitor commentator options. These concepts were presented by The Diffusion Group's Michael Greeson.

Michael Babbitt of Dolby presented a case study in which Dolby Atmos was used to an incredible effect for NHRA drag race events (a demo of which was set up in an adjacent room).

Martin Dyster from Telos Alliance's TV Systems came up and reviewed their all-new Infinity Intercom system, which is purely standards-IP driven. This matrix-free, nearly infinitely scalable system is packed with broadcast-friendly features and should be available in early 2018.

DynaMount CEO Jon Russo then took over and showed off their new remote-controlled Echo-PT. This system combines a mic mount with complete X/Y movement (controlled over LAN) and an AES67 audio output, making it perfectly tailored to sporting events. This should also be available in early 2018.

After a brief presentation from Lawo about their mic tracking system, Sennheiser's Brian Glasscock took us on a tour of some of their new developments in VR and ambisonics capture. New demands for live content in these formats have led Sennheiser to develop a new renderer for streaming content, and we were also given a sneak peek at how they're beginning to employ their beam-forming mic technology (seen in conference systems) into field capture. Stay tuned!

DTVAG Spectrum Working Group
The afternoon session centered on one of the hottest topics in pro audio today - the RF Spectrum Crunch.

Opening up with an informative presentation by the NFL's chief RF coordinator Karl Voss (at right), the session brought everyone up to speed on the latest developments in the 600 MHz repurposing. This includes the ways that cellular providers are handling the change and how users are affected.

As many of us already know, T-Mobile was one of the biggest buyers of the 600 MHz spectrum, and their spectrum engineer Dan Wilson came up to the podium to offer some of the company's mission and how their deployment is taking place. They began lighting up towers as early as August, and are going forward as fast as they can. However, it was definitely interesting to hear how they're working with wireless audio entities in helping them transition.

The afternoon was then split into two panels. The first one, "Technology and Equipment Implications" was moderated by Pro Sound News' Steve Harvey and featured Mark Brunner from Shure, Joe Ciaudelli from Sennheiser, Jacquelynn Green from Alteros, Howard Kaufman from Lectrosonics, and Geoff Shearing from Radio Active Designs. The Q&A with the panel covered topics such as equipment retirement (including trade-ins and rebates), working with the FCC, debunking 600 MHz misinformation, and how this can spur innovation in new products down the road.

The second panel, "Making It Work", was moderated by our very own Joel Guilbert, and was made up of Henry Cohen from CP Communications, Chris Regan from RF Venue, Cameron Stuckey from Professional Wireless Systems, Karl Voss from the NFL, and freelance production consultant Jeff Willis. The panelists gave several different insights into how ingenuity and creativity have had to come into play when spec-ing out systems and applications across a variety of situations. In addition, these experts tried to visualize what the next five to ten years might look like for wireless applications, in order to contextualize investments in current technologies.

Upon the closure of the day's sessions, attendees were treated to various refreshments while walking a "mini trade show" setup of tables and booths, manned by manufacturers for product demos and networking.

Joel Guilbert was satisfied by the summit's success: "We were happy to be involved in this important event to help keep our esteemed salespeople and customers up to date with the trends in the Sports production industry, especially the ever-changing RF spectrum."

Dale Pro Audio is proud to be a leading provider of solutions to the broadcast and field audio markets, and a co-sponsor of this event.

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