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Audio-Technica 6000 Series Wireless

Audio-Technica's 6000 Series High-Density Wireless System is designed to give users the freedom to work within an increasingly congested radio frequency spectrum. The 6000 Series operates in the 944-952 MHz band, keeping it free from broadcast TV interference. Just as important, the system uses advanced IMD suppression methods to enable its channels to be spaced at 125 kHz intervals, allowing up to 31 simultaneous channels within 4 MHz of bandwidth. 

With its full-rack metal chassis, including reinforced mounting ears and rear rack mount capability, the system's ATW-R6200 receiver installs quickly and securely, providing two channels per rack space. The receiver's clear, easy-to-read displays and front-panel controls make it simple to configure the system and monitor frequency, RF and AF levels, transmitter battery level, mute status and more. The receiver has a 3-pin XLRM balanced output and 6.3 mm (1/4") balanced output for each channel, and a front-panel 6.3 mm (1/4") headphone jack with volume control that can be switched to monitor either channel. Two channel-specific Ethernet ports allow receivers to be connected to a hub or router with a DHCP server and, by extension, to a PC. Then, by using A-T's Wireless System Monitor software, the connected receivers may be monitored and configured on the PC. 

The system also features IR Sync functionality, which greatly streamlines the process of configuring transmitters. From the receiver, users can set a transmitter's RF power output, mic gain and battery type (alkaline or Ni-MH) - and lock the settings, if desired, to prevent inadvertent changes - and then communicate those settings to the transmitter via IR Sync. 

The compact ATW-T6001 body-pack transmitter features rugged metal construction and an ergonomic design. It is equipped with a newly designed miniature HRS connector that works with a variety of Audio-Technica lavalier and head-worn microphones*, and it has a flexible 1/4 wavelength whip antenna to ensure a broad operating range. Controls, situated within the battery compartment to prevent accidental changes, can be used to adjust the gain (from 0 to 20 dB, in 2 dB steps), frequency, battery type, and other settings. The ATW-T6001 is powered by two AA batteries. 

Additionally, Audio-Technica's ATW-DA410 antenna distribution system maintains crucial system performance when a number of simultaneous channels are being used within the 6000 Series' high-density structure. 

Likewise, ATW-F948 antenna filters can be used with the 6000 Series to cut unwanted radio waves emanating from mobile phones and other external RF devices. The filters are outfitted with BNC-J (IN) and BNC-P (OUT) connectors and require no external power source. They come in sets of two. 

All of the units in - and associated with - the 6000 Series (ATW-R6200 receiver, ATW-T6001 body-pack transmitter, compatible lavalier and head-worn microphones*, ATW-DA410 antenna distribution system, ATW-F948 antenna filters) are offered as individual, ¨¤ la carte products, instead of being combined in pre-configured systems, in order to give users the greatest possible flexibility in constructing a system that fits their needs.