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AEA is a family-owned and operated business in beautiful Pasadena, California. Wes "The Ribbon Guy" Dooley and his colleague, Bob Gerbracht, founded the company in 1964. Since then, AEA’s mission has always been to build professional tools that faithfully capture the essential aspects of exceptional recordings: true musicianship and a passion for performance. In 1976, when General Electric bought RCA and closed down its microphone division, AEA began servicing these legendary ribbon mics that Wes had learned so much about. They reissued the iconic 44 ribbon mic, and have continued to make ribbon microphones in the RCA tradition to this day.

Owning an AEA product means that you are serious about what you do, and that you want to use gear made with the same love and dedication as your music. An AEA microphone or preamps reflects the amount of work you have put into honing your art as a musician. It stands for the traditional craftsmanship that has gone into your Les Paul guitar. And it mirrors the meticulous attention to detail you put into your sessions. All AEA products reflect pride and an eye for detail, and are designed for serious musicians and engineers.

AEA takes sonic integrity seriously, and have even created preamps that have specially designed to meet the particular challenges of ribbon mics and bring out their full potential. Proudly independent, they manufacture all AEA products by hand right here in the USA.