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Auralex Acoustics was founded in 1977 on the belief that there had to be a much better alternative to the expensive acoustic foam panels available at that time. Indeed there was; not only dramatically less expensive, but also with significant performance advantages.

One huge difference between Auralex and their competitors is a passion to help ALL of their customers attain truer sound at a reasonable price. When it was apparent that there was no good, straight-forward guide to help customers build solid, reasonably-priced studios, Auralex's founder wrote the acclaimed Acoustics 101™ primer. After selling thousands of copies, they made a customer-friendly decision to publish it in print and on their website for no charge. Customers love Acoustics 101 and it is used as a teaching guide in classrooms around the country.

Auralex takes great pride in offering a full line of acoustical products based on the "better price/better mousetrap" principle.