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Bag End

Founded in 1976, Bag End manufactures a full line of passive and self-powered loudspeaker systems and both analog and digital system processors.

In addition to their standard product line, they also manufacture custom systems for architects and engineers for specialty applications. Bag End loudspeakers are used in recording studios, performing arts centers, houses of worship, sports facilities, museums and discerning homes as well as many scientific and specialty applications throughout the world.

Today, Bag End manufactures in facilities on two continents making a full line of loudspeaker systems, amplifiers, and system processors. Over the decades' Bag End has been a leader in providing uniquely good sounding products and extraordinary service to their customers worldwide. They are dedicated to making the very best and longest lasting products available.

It is not uncommon to find these loudspeakers in full operation for 10, 20, and even 30 years. Built-in quality and serviceability are the hallmarks of a Bag End Loudspeaker.