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Bose PowerShareX Amplifiers


PowerShareX: Putting Every Watt To Work.

Featuring onboard DSP, seamless integration with ControlSpace Designer software, and proven Powersoft technology, PowerShareX amplifiers are an ideal match for Bose Professional loudspeaker systems. Each networkable, four-channel amp offers innovative power-sharing flexibility, Dante connectivity, and much more — all in a space-saving 1RU design.

Bose PowerShareX

Put every watt to work
Most multi-channel power amplifiers can only share power by bridging outputs together which reduces the number of outputs available. This means fewer available channels and leads to more amplifiers, more rack space, and more AC electrical service. With power-sharing technology, you can leverage as much of the output power as possible without bridging and avoid waste.


PowerShareX provides a central power reservoir that can be allocated asymmetrically across each output. This brilliant output-sharing technology dynamically shifts the power based on the load requirements, allowing you to focus on the overall reservoir of power while minimizing unused amplifier power capabilities.

Bose Pro Loudspeaker Inquiry

The ideal match for Bose Professional loudspeakers with factory-certified presets.
Bose Professional loudspeakers with PowerShareX provide an optimized amplified loudspeaker system with impressive performance and value. You gain a streamlined installation via onboard DSP and output power levels that are ideally matched to Bose Professional loudspeakers.

ControlSpace Integration

Full ControlSpace ecosystem integration
Configuration is simplified with full integration into Bose Professional ControlSpace Designer software so you can quickly design, configure, control, and monitor your entire Bose Professional system under one user interface.

Powersoft Logo

A growing technology partnership with Powersoft
Bose Professional and Powersoft have joined forces with PowerShareX. You gain a smart amplifier with Bose Professional software integration and Powersoft's power density and reliability.

Dante Logo

Dante digital audio integration
PowerShareX comes included with Dante digital audio allowing up to four input channels via a Dante network infrastructure. It also comes with four balanced line-level inputs for local source connections.

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