Comrex designs and builds equipment that uses the most advanced available technology to connect broadcasters with their audiences. They strive to build reliable, user-friendly tools that engineers can trust to work, even during complicated broadcasts. The company goal is to make it easy for broadcasters to create the programming they care about.

Since its incorporation in 1961, Comrex has been in the vanguard of technical development, making use of new and innovative technologies for radio and television well before they hit the mainstream. The ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codecs make use of sophisticated audio transmission technology to ensure reliable broadcasts over challenging IP networks. They then used their years of experience in IP to develop their CrossLock tools to handle the unique demands of transmitting video, with the development of LiveShot IP video technology. Throughout it all, Comrex has continued to refine telephone hybrid technology with products like VH2 and STAC VIP, and break new ground with products like Opal.

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