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Dan Dugan

The Original Automatic Mixing Solution.

Widely recognized as the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer, Dan Dugan has been involved in the professional audio industry for his entire career, which spans five decades. He was the first person in regional theatre to be called a sound designer, and he developed the first effective automatic microphone mixer: the automixer. Dugan's sound design work was acknowledged in 2003 with a Distinguished Career Award by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology.

Dugan automixing products are used in corporate meetings, governmental meetings, broadcast news panels, sports commentary, talk shows, live theater, education, and other applications. Dugan devices patch into the input insert points of mixing consoles, giving the operators automatic mixing along with all of the features of the console, such as EQ and sends.

In addition to manufacturing his own products and plug-in cards for other consoles, Dan Dugan licenses his technology to other manufacturers to build into their products, including Protech Audio, Sound Devices, Waves and Yamaha.

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