DiGiCo S21

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Rewriting the Rule Book. 40 flexi-channels, Equivalent of 46 buses and 96kHz with no processing limitations from day one.

From the get-go, DiGiCo has been at the technological forefront with its products to stay ahead of the game in both flexibility and audio quality. DiGiCo was the first console manufacturer to use TFT touchscreen technology, and it pioneered Stealth Digital Processing’s FPGA technology, to replace DSP. Stealth Digital Processing has been particularly instrumental in the SD Series range which, according to a recent independent survey, played a pivotal role in top international grossing tours. It proves that DiGiCo did exactly what it set out to do: be the cutting-edge brand in this industry, and thousands of users will now vouch for it.

DiGiCo’s high standards in not only audio quality but roadworthy mechanical design, have limited its ability to release an affordable introductory product. These values have required the same pioneering approach to design: not to follow the trend, but to deliver the flagship at an attractive price point and change expectations. DiGiCo’s S21 does exactly that.

By using new, lower cost FPGA components programmed with the same audio algorithms, combined with a new control processor, DiGiCo is able to deliver the S21 with the fundamental technological values at its core.

S21 At A Glance

  • 40 Flexi Input Channels
  • 16 Flexi Aux / Sub-Group Busses
  • LR Master Bus
  • 10 x 8 Full Processing Matrix
  • 2 Solo
  • 4 (To Follow) Dynamic Equalizers
  • 4 Assignable DiGiTuBes
  • 4 Assignable Multiband Compressors
  • 8 Digital FX
  • 16 Assignable Graphic Equalizers
  • Optional Waves Integration
  • 96kHz Sample Rate
  • Optional (with DMI) Optics

Start with the base X-S21 surface. Then choose from an array of input/output cards and stage box options to meet the needs of your venue.

DiGiCo has a few pre-selected bundles available, or let one of Dale's Sales Professionals assist you in designing the system that best suits you and your unique application.