ENCO LogoENCO Systems is the manufacturer of DAD, DADtv and enCaption.  ENCO provides world class radio automation, audio for video, and automated captioning solutions to the broadcast and A/V industry.  ENCO has been in business for over 30 years delivering quality solutions to markets on six continents.



ENCO's DAD is a complete audio playlist automation and control system for radio and television. DAD's incredibly rich feature set enables television and radio broadcasters to ensure reliable, accurate delivery of all audio content on time, every time.

DAD is a modular set of tools designed to allow you to choose how you want to install, run, operate and integrate it every day. No longer will you be constrained by the automation system sitting at the core of your operation. Let DAD free you up to create radio how you want with the resources you have on hand.

How does DAD Work?

DAD is a complete playout solution scalable from the largest multinational television or radio broadcast application to small closed circuit systems found in professional sports venues. DAD is a third generation software system built upon ENCO’s proven and widely accepted family of products in use at thousands of facilities worldwide. Running on standard off-the-shelf PC hardware, DAD’s complete toolkit allows broadcasters to implement an audio delivery and automation system that precisely meets their needs. Combining rich functionality of multiple reproducers or “players” and recorders, flexible array panels and user defined hot keys, DAD enables broadcasters to optimize performance for their specific requirements. It provides a platform for integrating the many sources of content flowing into today’s modern broadcast environment including news, traffic, weather, scheduling as well as reconciliation to billing and corporate information systems. DAD is available as software only, or as a turnkey system delivered with ENCO’s tested and proven hardware configurations.



  • Handles audio delivery from full automation to totally live on-air operation
  • Includes our 4th Generation Live Assist Interface
  • Ensure accurate playout of commercial spots
  • Rapidly perform simple edits to fit time constraints
  • Utilizes the latest standard hardware components for total flexibility
  • Create “live sounding” automated formats quickly and easily
  • Integrate news, traffic, weather and other sources into a single activation screen
  • Remote operations quickly produce the right content, at the right place at the right time
  • Scaleable to meet your needs now, and the flexibility to address future requirements as needed.


DAD Modules:

All of the below ‘virtual machines’ are included with each DAD license.

  • LIBRARY DAD - Library access and playlist modification tool. Includes database maintenance functions, command cut editor, DCL support, priority play buttons.
  • AIRPLAY - ENCO's 4th Generation live assist machine features integrated mini-array as well as full automation controls and live assist features.
  • ARRAY - Includes full screen and two half screen of array or “Cart Wall” panels with 960 buttons per user.
  • PLAY - Single playlist-based player, capable of live assist or fully automated operation. Includes 4 per workstation.
  • MASTERLOG - Full screen master log player typically preferred for fast paced live assist formats.
  • QUADPLAY - Machine designed for free form live assist or external control by video switchers or automation controllers. 16 independent players.
  • 4PLAY - Essentially a quadplay machine with added functionality for playlist scheduling.
  • TRACKER - Voice over recorder and editor. Used for “live sounding” automated programming.
  • RECORD - Single recorder supporting Auto Record. Includes 4 per workstation.
  • EDIT - Simple, fast stereo audio waveform “cut and paste” assembly editor.
  • SCRIPT - Script display machine with embedded audio support. Supports simple text, SML and HTML display.


    ENCO HotShotSeamless Console Integration:

    Most consoles can be wired to interface perfectly with Presenter. Start buttons on the log event stack can turn on and off microphones, and console buttons can start any desired event. ENCO also offer an optional HotShot for 84 additional Fast Fire buttons that are always ready.


    No two DAD installations are alike. In fact, many sites use DAD in completely different ways in different studios.

    That’s just one of the major benefits of using DAD; it’s incredibly flexible to meet your needs.

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