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Fender Audio

Long before there were any Fender guitars, basses or amps, there was Fender audio equipment. Simple public address systems built by (and often personally run by) Leo Fender himself predated the 1946 advent of the musical instrument company bearing his name by more than a decade

Fender’s user-friendly Passport systems and products “de-mystify” public sound support for countless audio non-professionals and are consequently embraced for a wide variety of applications, including nightclubs, coffeehouses and other small music venues; the hospitality industry, schools, sporting events, churches, parties, corporate meetings and events, auctions, law enforcement and military uses, and many others.

Fender began with public address audio equipment well before it became an industry legend and leader, a tradition that continues today with the rock-solid, crystal-clear sound and performance offered by the entire family of Fender Audio products.