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JBL M2 System

The Ultimate Master Reference Monitor.

Addressing the growing need for high dynamic range and reference-monitor accuracy in a broad range of studios, JBL has developed the M2 Master Reference Monitor: A Free-Standing, 2-Way System that can be placed in any environment to provide an exceptionally accurate monitoring experience. Leveraging a new generation of JBL high-output, ultra-low distortion transducers, the M2 provides in-room frequency response of 20 Hz to 40 kHz, and an extraordinary 123 dB maximum SPL to meet the demanding music, cinema and broadcast production requirements for impactful dynamic range.

M2 Master Reference Monitor

In a compact form-factor, the M2 integrates three key components that work in harmony to deliver unparalleled performance. At the heart of the system, JBL’s patented D2 high frequency and 2216Nd low frequency transducers are the engines that make this possible. Using a revolutionary design, the D2 produces smooth, extended high frequency response with ultra-low distortion whether listening at very high or subtle levels. Using patented technology, the remarkable 2216Nd woofer offers deep bass extension and very low power compression, even at its full-rated output. In spite of the M2’s minimal footprint, its exceptional low frequency response eliminates the need for a subwoofer.

Room acoustics can play a big part in what you hear at the mix position, particularly in the room-dependent low frequency bands, where resonance caused by room modes can give a false impression of bass in the mix. While offering exceptional accuracy “out of the box,” the power of the M2 is fully realized with its intelligent in-room tuning and integration capabilities, ensuring optimum performance in your listening environment. Room optimization is achieved through the use of floating-point digital signal processing integrated into Crown iTech HD power amplifiers and BSS Soundweb London processors. HARMAN System Architect™ Software is included to provide external control of system EQ and tuning capabilities. Used in conjunction with external measurement hardware and software, the complete M2 tuning and room integration system addresses non-linearity in the room. This ensures a high degree of accuracy whether the monitors are freestanding, soffit-mounted, or placed adjacent to a wall.

The M2 Studio Monitor System
An M2 system consists of two M2 speakers, two Crown I-Tech 5000HD amps, and the option of BSS SoundWeb London control.

Crown® I-Tech 5000HD
HARMAN Crown I-Tech power amplifiers complete the M2 system, providing greater than a kilowatt of clean power to the 2216Nd woofer, and more than enough power for the D2 driver. Working in concert with the M2’s revolutionary Image Control waveguide, BSS® OMNIDRIVE HD™ digital signal processing in the Crown I-Tech allows the implementation of an ideal crossover, while providing the option for storage of EQ presets.

BSS Soundweb™ London Processing
Achieving extended, rich low frequency performance within the M2 system design parameters required additional JBL engineering innovations, and the 2216Nd in the M2 is no “off-the-shelf” woofer. It employs no less than five patented technologies to allow bass extension to the limits of the audible range, and high output, free of power compression that is detrimental to a system’s low frequency performance. Echoing the “dual driver” design of the D2, the 2216Nd utilizes dual neodymium magnets and two voice coils. To ensure the ultimate performance, even the use of special wire in the 2216 voice coils is a JBL patented application.

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Addressing the growing need for high dynamic range and reference-monitor accuracy in a broad rang...
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