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MBHO, (Mikrofonbau Haun Obrigheim) is a company founded by Herbert Haun and Manfred Schneider in Obrigheim, Karlsruhe, Germany. MBHO features a unique strategy for human resources, as it employs mainly 50+ year veterans of the German microphone industry who Herbert Haun met and worked with since his start in the industry in 1958 at Beyerdynamic. We interviewed Herbert in 2013, and you can read more about MBHO's history HERE.

Despite its comparably small size of 14 employees, MBHO not only features an extensive line of microphones and engages in OEM work, but produces almost 90% of all microphone parts in-house. From the injection molded microphone clips to the gold sputtering of large diaphragm capsules, almost all parts are MBHO made and developed in-house, resulting in the only microphone in the world which carries a “lifelong warranty”.

Many well-known industry customers like Telefunken, Strässer, Dual, Grundig, ITT, Saba, US-Clearcom, Audix, and the highly acclaimed Brauner valve tube microphones have been satisfied partners of MBHO.

Dale Pro Audio is proud to be the exclusive retailer and distributor of MBHO in the United States.