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NS10M Replacement Drivers

Avantone NS10M Parts

Legends May Last Forever, But Speaker Components Don't.

To the discerning studio engineer, the Yamaha NS10M studio monitor needs no introduction. Ever since first appearing on the scene nearly four decades ago, this speaker has built a reputation that's been little short of legendary. However, amid concerns of parts and component availability, the NS10M was taken out of production, and Yamaha's reserves for replacement drivers have been depleted for some time. What are you to do in the event that you need to replace your classic speaker's tweeter or woofer?

Enter Avantone Pro.
Avantone Pro has used their years of experience in driver construction and wealth of global resources to offer exact matches for the original NS10M drivers. They have been precision reverse-engineered from the originals to faithfully reproduce the speaker's signature sound, while updating the materials for easier widespread availability and RoHS compliance.

The AV10MF low frequency driver is a near-exact match from 20Hz to the crossover frequency. However, the cone design has been changed from a lapped seam to a continuous press-formed cone from the same supplier as the original. This allows a much higher level of quality control and consistency during the manufacturing process.

The AV10MHF tweeter is a match throughout the frequency range, engineered with the same voicing as the original NS10M part. You won't even need tissue paper to tame those highs either!

Both replacement drivers are physically and dimensionally exactly the same as the originals and are a "bolt in" hassle free install that require no changes to the cabinet in the installation process.