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Sanken Chromatic Series

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Pure, Natural, Organic Sound.

Designed for studio recording engineers, musicians, producers and sound designers who demand the highest level of transparent, accurate, and natural sounding recordings, the Sanken Chromatic Series of mics can handle anything from the roughest sounds of a metalcore band to the supernatural realm of symphonic recording.

In 1975, the CMS-2 M-S type microphone was developed, the first in a range of high quality professional studio microphones known in the USA as Sanken Chromatic. The CMS-2 was their first mic to use a titanium diaphragm resistant to temperature changes and humidity. The CU-41 was introduced in 1982 with an innovative two way capsule for low and high end frequency capture. Other mics in the Sanken Chromatic range followed at the turn of the 21st century with the latest addition, the CU-51, becoming available in 2016.

About Sanken Microphones
Sanken Microphone Co., Ltd. is one of the leading professional microphone manufacturers in Japan. The company was established in 1926, creating microphones for professional use. In 1933, Rihei Takeuchi, a founder of the company obtained his first patent for the antiagglomeration of carbon particles in carbon microphones, and generations later the Takeuchi family carries on a tradition of scientific craftsmanship. In its 90 year history the company has mastered the art and technology of engineering the purest, most transparent sounding, mics.

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