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Soyuz Microphones

Like a violin or a guitar that has been crafted by a master luthier, a handmade microphone possesses a unique, sonic quality not to be found in its mass-produced counterparts. Soyuz microphones produces small batch, handmade microphones which they believe are totally unique. To understand why it helps to know a bit of history about the town and the people who produce them.

During Russia's Soviet period, Tula prospered as a manufacturing and metalworking center primarily focused on weapons production. In 1927, an electronics plant was founded. Within 4 years it began supplying microphones and radio components across the Soviet Union and was even credited with designing and manufacturing the country's very first microphone. The plant still operates to this day and is the oldest continuously working microphone factory in Russia.

Soyuz Microphones has done their best to blend the elegance of Tula's Tsarist past with the technological achievements of its Soviet period. In addition, they have incorporated certain elements from the West such as a profit sharing program for our employees and a modern quality control system. As a result, they are able to produce microphones which they feel are truly unique in the world market.