TouchMix 30 by QSC

Reward Yourself! Receive $200 Back from QSC on TouchMix-30 Pro!*

The TouchMix-30 Pro rewards you every day with its seamless ability to work like you do – on stage or in the studio. Record. Rehearse. Perform. No single mixer does more for less. And now, the rewards of owning a TouchMix 30 Pro are ever greater with $200 back when you purchase your new TouchMix 30 Pro from Dale Pro Audio.

So, go ahead and reward yourself today. You deserve it. But don’t wait, because like all good things, this offer will come to an end.

The TouchMix-30 Pro goes where you do — from studio to stage and everywhere in between. Its 32 x 32 channel DAW interface works with the top recording applications for both macOS® and Windows® computers. That’s plenty of I/O to record the whole band at once — plus lots of individual headphone mixes, DSP and an intuitive touch-control interface — all without taxing your computer’s CPU.

In the rehearsal studio or on stage, the TouchMix-30 Pro also records 32-channel direct-to hard disk (no computer needed) to capture and play back your best performances. And of course, with its incredible monitoring capability, Presets, Wizards, effects, Wi-Fi control (iOS® and Android®) and a long list of additional professional console features, the TouchMix-30 Pro is also one of the easiest to use live consoles on the market today — all in a package the size of small carry-on luggage.

*Offer valid in the USA and Canada (except Quebec) on purchases between October 1st, 2018 and June 30th, 2019.

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TouchMix is quite simply the most powerful, compact mixer ever created. It offers the features, c...

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Soft, padded polyester tote with zippered accessory pouch for the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer.

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Adaptor kit to mount the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer in a standard 19” universal rack. Includes...

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Tablet stand for the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer. Includes installation instructions, 2 black s...

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Fabric dust cover for the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer.