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Waves Commercial Audio

Make The Room The Best It Ever Sounded.

Waves Commercial Audio provides professionally curated, easily operated DSP solutions, enabling A/V system integrators & installers to deliver superior sound quality for corporate, commercial, government, educational, entertainment, sports and house of worship installations.

Why Waves CA?

  • Easily customize and lock-in professional processing chains to solve common audio challenges
  • Simple to route in any Dante-based AV installation using built-in virtual driver and your choice of mics, amplifiers, speakers, etc.
  • Includes professionally curated presets for improving playback quality, speech clarity, and more
  • Integrates in single- or multi-zone designs,with up to 64x64 channel processing

The Hardware:

Waves CA products are high-quality DSP engines. Each product is a single-box software-plus-hardware turn-key solution. Each product features over two dozen premium Waves processors, with professionally pre-configured, integrator-ready audio processing presets:

  • Enhance audio playback quality from any source on any system
  • Improve speech intelligibility without loss of tonality
  • Automatically suppress mic feedback
  • Reduce background noise and improve sound quality for handheld, lavalier, head-worn and table stand mics
  • Provide optimized audio feeds for online program streaming

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Advanced DSP engine with built-in presets, enabling AV system integrators and installers to impro...

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Professional DSP engine with built-in presets, enabling AV system integrators and installers to i...

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