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Williams Sound Worship Communication System

Need To Do Services In Your Parking Lot? We Have You Covered.

During these uncertain times, it is important to cling on to as much normalcy as possible and to carry on with tasks and daily routines essential to one’s well-being. Williams AV knows that attending religious services is an essential part of life for people around the world.

With current rules and regulations on social distancing, church goers are finding it difficult to attend their regular weekly worship service. To combat these current challenges, Williams AV is launching a new FM+ package called the “Worship Communication System”. This new system will allow people to attend religious services in the safety of their own car using their own smartphone or tablet.

The Worship Communication System includes the Williams AV FM+ transmitter which allows for an unlimited number of FM listeners within a 1,000 foot range using a dedicated FM receiver. The FM+ system simultaneously delivery WiFi audio transmission enabling people to listen to services on their own smartphone or tablet. The WiFi transmissions supports up to 150 connected listeners within a 200 foot range.

Unicast stream - using a single access point has a finite number of connections based on the ability of the switch and AP to manage IP addresses of connected devices.

With an expected outdoor range of 300-350 ft., this approach can cover a wider audience. Also, Unicast can put audio into ONE device in a car that can use car Bluetooth connection to car audio system to light up the whole car. Because of IP limitations its desirable to only use ONE DEVICE PER CAR. This is important because you will quickly run out of available connections.

Multicast - allows for more connections, and also more access points, but the cost goes up considerable with Ruckus - nearly $1k per access point (WAP)

With an expected outdoor range of 600-1000 ft., this approach can cover a wider audience. Also, Multicast can serve more access points, and more IP addresses on the network.

So how to balance budget, vs. user count, vs. display area?
Add additional audio support and coverage area by using FM for 1000-1500 ft. of broadcast with relay power speakers on a stick!

Of course this is a work around, but this system can also be used inside the facility, once life returns to normal, so the investment is not wasted on a one off situation.

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