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Yellowtec Intellimix

Intellimix. Enjoy a whole new mixing experience.

Intellimix will simplify your daily work and stimulate your creativity. Get in touch with uncompromising usability. Be it media, audio production or audio for video: You will discover amazing features and a set of well-thought-out control elements like the revolutionary G-Touch© faders. Simpler and smarter – that’s the next generation Intellimix!

Intelligent mixing reinvented.
The preceding Intellimix model changed the way audio mixing is handled. The first generation Intellimix stands for creating the whole new product category of an easy to handle, compact mixer with strong capabilities. The new Intellimix Desktop Mixer lifts mixing to the next level, and is now available in two models:

Intellimix Pro
Intellimix Pro comes as a full-blown 8-channel mixer with advanced AoIP connectivity as standard, extended I/Os and settings.

Intellimix Pro is designed as a mixing device to master every imaginable and complex 8-channel mixing task. Thanks to remote control options, admin mode and an unlimited amount of user profiles, Intellimix Pro is the ideal desktop mixer for shared workplaces used for multiple different workflows. As standard, it offers connectivity to run multi-channel AES67, Livewire+, RAVENNA, MADI, NMOS and ST2110. With the new Intellimix Pro no extensions are needed to get the full package of AoIP connectivity and fully adjustable settings down to the smallest detail are feasible.

Intellimix Focus
Intellimix Focus is a 4-channel device that highlights the important key features most users ask for. It's the ideal solution for single workplaces and less technically experienced users.

Intellimix Focus addresses users that do not need to handle more than four channels. Intellimix Focus makes mixing even easier. User’s no longer need to handle detailed adjustments that may distract them from their actual mixing. Its lower price compared to Intellimix Pro makes Intellimix Focus the ideal solution for single workplaces and less technically experienced users like many reporters. As such it is the perfect replacement for every first-generation Intellimix. If needed, advanced AoIP connectivity can be added to Intellimix Focus with the optional X64 AoIP extension.

The Desktop Mixer you'll love.
Intellimix is simply more fun. From the way it works to the way it looks, Intellimix is something that values your job. Fitted with our all new G-Touch© faders and built into an awesome and solid aluminum body, it offers uncompromising usability. And it fits on every desk.

The best of both worlds.
By combining a multi-touch widescreen display with physical control elements, Intellimix equips you with unique usability. For on/off functions with the need for tactile feedback for maximum reliability, you get sealed hard keys and a robust rotary control. In addition, a multi-touch widescreen serves as an easy control interface with access to all properties. Get your settings and selections done more intuitively than with any other GUI. No confusion. No clutter.

G-Touch©. A true revolution in fading.
When you need to do a smooth fade, you wouldn’t necessarily dream of using a touchscreen as it gives very little physical orientation and needs all your attention. On the other hand, mechanical faders limit your flexibility and often suffer from wearout. That’s why we analyzed how to improve conventional faders with expanded features, increased comfort and better reliability. The result is called G-Touch©. The vision of a whole new instrument.

Unrivaled connectivity that stands apart.
Intellimix is more than a good-looking desktop mixer. As your multi-standard gateway, it will help you to integrate the various sources and destinations of your individual infrastructure. Get in line with any common multichannel platform. The Base Unit offers all the audio I/Os, extension slots, connectors and GPIOs you need.

Make Intellimix your new power tool.
With Intellimix you are plug ’n’ play ready to interface via AES/EBU, PUC-USB, MADI*, ADAT, Dante and Livewire*/AES67 (*available as option). This great range of interfaces guarantees you an uncompromising integration with your system setup. The Intellimix's internal extension slot allows to integrate with various additional AoIP standards.

Now Until June 30th, 2020 - Trade In Your Intellimix 1, Get $200 Back From Yellowtec!

Buy a new Intellimix Focus and you will receive a cash-back of $200 for returning your old Intellimix!

This is how you save money:

  • Simply buy an Intellimix Focus from Dale Pro Audio between May 1 and June 30, 2020.
  • Then please contact Yellowtec to arrange the return of your 1st-generation Intellimix and to handle the cash-back payment directly with them.
  • Afterwards, Yellowtec will pass your returned 1st-generation Intellimix units to charitable organizations and activities that are in need for devices. Thus, everyone who sends in a device also supports good causes.

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Intellimix Pro comes as a full-blown 8-channel mixer with advanced AoIP connectivity as standard,...

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The optional X64 AoIP Extension for your Intellimix Focus or Intellimix II Desktop Mixer (product...

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Intellimix Focus is a 4-channel device that highlights the important key features most users ask ...

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