ART ProMIX Three Channel Portable Battery Powered Microphone Mixer w/ Phantom Power & Headphone Amp


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  • Problem: You need to add 3 mics to a mixer, which only has one available channel.

    Solution: Insert a ProMIX between the mics and the mixer. Each mic channel on the ProMIX has both phantom power and lowfrequency cut selectable via DIP switches plus a level control. The balanced XLR line output can be connected to a mic input on the mixer and headphones or a powered monitor can be connected to the Phone/Aux output. And if AC power is not available, the ProMIX runs on batteries as well as with an AC adapter.Features:
    • If you are using the 12V AC adapter, connect the cable end to the ProMIX's 12V DC input and plug the other end into a 120V AC outlet. Otherwise, make sure there are two 9V batteries connected inside the battery compartment.
    • Connect low-impedance mics to the 3 XLR inputs with mic cables.
    • If any mics require phantom power, set the appropriate Phantom DIP switches to the on position (down).
    • To avoid picking up unwanted low-frequency noise (rumble, thumps, etc.), it is advisable to roll off the low frequency response of mics other than those specifically for bass drum, bass guitar amp, upright bass or keyboard amps. For all other mics, set the Low Cut switches to the on position (up).
    • Connect the balanced XLR (male) Output to the mic input on the mixer with a low-impedance mic cable.
    • Connect headphones to the Phone/Aux jack. Alternatively this jack can be connected to the unbalanced input of an amplifier, another mixer, etc.
    • Flip the Power switch to the ON position. The PWR (power) LED will illuminate.
    • Adjust the Level controls for the desired mix and check the Clip LED to make sure one or more of them are not turned up too far. A small amount of Clip LED activity on occasional peaks is acceptable as it fires 3dB below the onset of actual clipping distortion.
    • iAdjust the input gain of the other mixer for best signal strength without distortion.
  • Maximum Gain+60dB
    Input Impedance600 ohms
    Maximum Input Level-14dB
    Maximum Output Level+14dB
    Output Impedance600 ohms
    Total Harmonic Distortion0.02%
    Low Cut-3dB @ 100Hz
    Clip Headroom3dB
    Output Phantom Power12V DC
    Power12V DC (adapter) / 2x 9V (batteries)
    Dimensions5.625x3.75x1.75 inches (143mm x 92mm x 45mm)
    Weight1.5lb (680g)
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