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  • BarbaBatch V4 from Audio Ease, is a batch file conversion utility that has long been the go-to conversion software for Mac computer users. The OS X version adds additional file format support, which is already very extensive. Registered user receive the OS 9 version for those situations that require OS 9 compatibility.The software's accurate sample-rate conversion algorithm, support for high end files like BWF, Sonic Solutions and 32-bit float files, 192kHz sampling rate support and Redbook CD image extraction, has made BarbaBatch an indispensable mastering application.A wide range of telephony formats are supported. Dynamic compression and sample-rate conversion allows for what is generally considered low quality audio to still retain a high level of quality. Automated CD ripping and conversion of audio snippets (with fades applied) to multiple streaming sound formats, make it ideal for web based audio delivery.Smooth and fast batch capabilities and extensive logging allows tens of thousands of files to be converted to multiple output formats in a single run. This makes the software a very attractive application for computer-game developers.


    • Operation: Files and folders are dragged into the software's input window (data can include multiple formats.) Create or use predefined settings for conversion. For each selected conversion a folder will be created and the complete input hierarchy (sub folders and all) will be recreated in the required file format.
    • Settings: Bit rate (kbits/sec) or number of bits per word, up to 64-bits can be set for each file type. Sample rates can range from 1kHz to 192kHz., Channel processing is flexible. The user can mix stereo to mono or vise versa, copy just single channels left or right, create interleaved stereo from split stereo files and vise versa.
    • Dynamics and Gain: Includes a Normalizer that can be conformed to a user-set ceiling, a look-ahead, Gating algorithm with intuitive controls, and a look-ahead Peak Limiter. Perfect for boosting levels destined for small speaker use.
  • File Support

    AIFF - multiple formats; Audio CD Tracks;IInteger/Float - QuickTime Movie; IMA 4:1 - QuickTime Movie; QDesign Music Basic (v1 v2) - QuickTime Movie; Qualcomm Purevoice - QuickTime Movie; u-law - QuickTime Movie a-law - QuickTime Movie; MACE - multiple formats; MPEG 1, Layers I and II MP3; MP4 AAC; Sound Designer I and II Wave - multiple formats; Microsoft ADPCM; Broadcast Wave - multiple formats; VOC - multiple formats NEXT/Sun - multiple formats; System 7 Sound VOX - multiple formats Pika; Vap CCITT - multiple formats, Amiga IFF/8SVX, AVR, Paris linear (Ensoniq), Dyaxis MacMix (Studer),Redbook Audio CD Images (IMAGE.DAT or DDP)
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