dBTechnologies DVA K5 - 3 Way Active Line Array Module


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  • The DVA K5 active line-array module is a 3-way speaker designed by building upon the innovation and professional quality of the DVA series. The 2 1” compression drivers (voice coil: 1.4”), 1 6.5” mid-range (voice coil: 2”), 1 8” woofer (voice coil: 2.5”) are housed in a polypropylene cabinet, reinforced by a metal frame optimising its sound performance. The DSP, controlling the next-generation amplifier DIGIPRO G3, allows to easily and accurately configure the line-array sound behaviour according to: number of modules, angles of installation between the K5 modules, distance between line-array and audience. When coupled with the new DVA KS series subwoofers, finally, the module can meet all professional needs, in any context and installation.


    • Powerful and noiseless amplification section , thanks to the new DIGIPRO G3 D-class amplifier, requiring no active ventilation
    • SPL (peak) of 129 dB
    • High-quality transducers, sound design optimised for line-array use, full-range frequency response for professional use
    • Equipped as standard with pins and built-in brackets, pre-drilled and graduated, for easy, accurate and ready assembly / disassembly in a line-array configuration
    • Quick and accurate DSP configuration through 2 rotary encoders, optimising coupling and high frequency compensation
    • Easy to handle and transport
    • Lightweight, thanks to the polypropylene box and to the use of neodymium magnet components
  • Frequency Response [+- 3 dB]

    70 - 19000 Hz

    Max SPL

    129 dB


    2x 1” (Voice coil:1.4”)

    Type HF



    1x 6.5” (Voice coil: 2”)


    1x 8” (Voice coil: 2.5”)

    Type MF- LF Neodymium
    Crossover Frequency 340 Hz (Low / Mid), 1800 Hz (Mid / High)
    Amplifier Type Digipro G3
    Amplification Class D class
    Amplification Power (Peak) 1,000 W
    Amplification Power (RMS) 500 W
    Power Supply SMPS with PSU Auto-Range
    Power Supply Connector PowerCON In / Link
    Cooling Technique Convection
    Internal Controller DSP 25/56 bit/48 kHz
    Advanced Functions FIR filters
    Limiter Peak, Thermal
    Controls Sensitivity control, 2 8-position rotaries
    Led Limiter, Signal, Mute / prot, Ready
    Power Supply Inputs and Links PowerCON In / Link
    Audio Input 1x XLR IN, balanced
    USB 1x USB MINI, type B
    Audio Output 1x XLR link OUT, balanced
    Material metal-reinforced polypropylene
    Grid NC machining
    Handles built-in
    Connecting Points built into the cabinet
    Direct Installation on Pole No, with accessories only
    Width 580 mm (22.83 inch.)
    Height 240 mm (9.45 inch.)
    Depth 327 mm (12.87 inch.)
    Weight 14,7 kg (32,41 lbs)
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