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Glensound DIVINE - Broadcast Confidence Monitor Loudspeaker (Black)

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Divine is so much more than just another powered loudspeaker. Divine is a new concept in powered network audio monitors. It is housed in a hardwearing fully sealed diecast enclosure, is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) and boasts the very latest low noise high output class D power amplifier. ... Read More

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Divine is so much more than just another powered loudspeaker. Divine is a new concept in powered network audio monitors. It is housed in a hardwearing fully sealed diecast enclosure, is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) and boasts the very latest low noise high output class D power amplifier.


  • Audio monitor speaker for Dante/AES67 networks
  • PoE powered so just a single cable connection
  • Monitors 4 incoming Dante/AES67 channels
  • Select between monitoring individual inputs, pairs, or all 4 inputs
  • Set priority override on one input to interrupt another (paging over programme audio for example)
  • Set EQ mode for music or voice priority
  • LF Cut
  • Gain boost
  • Lock all functions or adjustments for security
  • All LEDs can be set to dark mode for use in black out areas
  • Front input select LEDs can be set as a PPM meter
  • Each individual input LED can be set as a tricolour single LED meter for that input
  • Configuration screen on rear
  • VESA 75mm bracket and mic arm mounting options
  • Includes 2m Ethernet cable
  • Remote control across network using GlenController
  • Upgrade individual or batch Divine units across a network with GlenController 
  • Available in Black or White

Internally a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) takes careful care of the audio signals, including state of the art compression and limiting circuits, while a microprocessor provides full setup and control via a small rear panel LCD. Control of setup and day to day operation of the Divine will also be available on the Windows 10 application GlenController including the ability to group multiple Divines together and control their level simultaneously.

Divine can receive up to four* Dante (AES67 compliant) audio over IP (AoIP) inputs. These inputs can be selected by the user on a large clear front panel select switch. The four audio inputs can also be easily mixed together and their individual levels adjusted

A priority system is provided to allow one (or more) of the inputs to automatically duck another. This can be very useful if you want to monitor one source but also listen to another when audio is present, such as sending show relay to dressing rooms in a theatre but having the stage managers call and building fire alarm take precedence when they’re active.

The diecast enclosure has been carefully designed to provide full protection of all control knobs, switches and ports to prevent damage. The housing also uniquely features a standard PC screen Vesa mount, meaning that you can purchase any standard Vesa mounting solution to hang/ mount your Divine on, saving you lots of money. Standard microphone stand threads are also provided in the base for an alternative support solution.

Different preset EQs and an LF cut can all be set in the user menu to allow the Divine to be used for a variety of applications.

Programmable Input Summing
Divine features four network audio inputs. A simple to operate front panel select switch routes these audio inputs to the loudspeaker. These individual inputs can be mixed together to monitor multiple sources and this mixing function can be set in the menu system.

VESA 75mm Compatible
For extreme ease of installation the Divine features an integral 75mm Vesa mount to allow it to be fixed to a huge variety of off the shelf mounting solutions. No longer do you have to buy overly expensive mounting brackets which can only be used with your current loudspeakers.

Lockable User Controls
In some environments you may not want anybody to be able to alter the volume, or input source or even any of the more advanced settings, therefore these can be all locked so that they cannot be ‘fiddled with’.

User Set Input Priority
Priority is a feature that allows you have one incoming audio circuit automatically duck or be replaced when another is present. This is perfect for situations whereby you’re monitoring programme audio on one channel but want to listen to director’s or producer’s talkback on another but only when its present.

Standard Mic Thread
Standard microphone stand thread sockets are provided in the base to allow quick and easy mounting of the Divine monitor speaker in location environments to microphone stands.

Control Over Network
Full control of the Divine’s parameters, including all settings and day to day controls such as volume and source selection will be available on the Windows 10 application ‘GlenController’. It will also be possible to group multiple Divines and control their volume together and update their firmware across the network.

User Selectable EQ
For use in different environments and for different purposes a number of preset eqs are provided. Initially there are three (but this will be extended in the future). ‘Natural’ provides what we believe is the best all-round audio response, whereas ‘Basic’ makes the Divine sound similar to old legacy units and ‘Voice’ has significant LF and HF shelfs making the mid range voice presence unmissable.

LF Cut
A Low Frequency cut facility can be selected in the setup menu. This is useful if the Divine is situated in a corner or hard against a wall or floor to help with resonating low frequencies.

Gain Boost
Because the engineers at Glensound are passionate about sound the Divine’s internal circuitry is very carefully designed to provide perfect performance even when the incoming signal is at full scale (Fs). As most programme signals are well below Fs level the selectable gain boost provides greater output volume if needed.

Dark Mode
The front panel LEDs and rear LCD screen are all set as standard to be visible in normal operating conditions. However some locations such as theatres and studios require as little equipment light as possible. When set to Dark mode the select LEDs are dimmed and LCD backlight turned off when not in use.

PoE Powered
Being a network audio device with an ethernet cable connected it makes perfect sense not to have to connect a second DC or mains cable, but to power the unit from standard Power Over Ethernet (PoE). Meaning one single cable carries all your audio and power making installation and setup quick, simple and hassle free.

Input Gain Trim
With 4 different incoming network audio circuits its likely that in the real world their audio levels will be different, some may be too hot while others too cold. Therefore it adds a simple to use facility that allows the operator to easily add gain or loss to each of the incoming audio signals.

DSP Control
Glensound first started programming Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) in the early 1990s and have used them extensively ever since. The device that they’ve selected for the Divine provides plenty of internal headroom (very important) and can process the audio as quickly as it arrives and the processing only adds a few samples of delay.

Front Panel PPM
The four front panel source LEDs can be set to operate as programme level meters in two different ways. They can be set to show the currently selected source level across all four LEDs and operate vertically like a traditional PPM. Each LED can also be set to show just its own source’s level, which is possible because it uses RGB LEDs and can alter their colour, with blue indicating cold/ low level, through green and amber until red indicates high level.

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Product Specs

Amplifier Type Low Noise Class D
Amplifier Power 10 Watts
Amplifier THD + Noise 0.02% @ 1 Watt @ 1kHz
Digital Line Up User selectable -24, -20 -18 dBFs
Input Gain Boost 0, +6, +12 +18dB
Input Channel Gain Trim +/-16 dB
Loudspeaker Impedance 8 Ohms
Loudspeaker Cone Type Poly damped woven glass fibre with copper cap and rubber surround
Loudspeaker Magnet High energy ferrite
LF Cut User selectable (on/off ) Knee X Hz 12dB/Octave
Voice EQ Frequency Settings 300Hz to 3kHz 12dB/ Octave
Frequency Response See graphs for Basic & Normal EQ LS outputs
Connector Neutrik EtherCON (mates with standard RJ45)
Type 100 Mbit/s
AoIP Audio Dante® Audinate Ultimo chipset (AES67 Compliant)
AoIP Audio Sample Frequency 4 channels @ 48k or 2 channels @ 96k (Dante® only)
AoIP Resolution Up to 24 Bit
PoE Powered by PoE
Complies to: IEEE 802.3af-2003
Classification Class 0
Consumption 12.8 Watts
PoE Source Can be powered by PoE enabled network switches or Mid-Span PoE injectors
Energy Saving Mode Automatic energy saving mode (shuts down power amplifier when no audio present)
User settable delay 15, 30 and 60 mins.
Quick Start Guide Printed folded A4 (Full handbook by download)
Rj45 Network Cable 2 metre Cat5 Rj45plug /Rj45plug cable
Size 190 x 128 x 100mm (HxWxD)
7.5 x 5 x 3.9"
Weight 1.725Kg 3lb12oz
Mechanics Bespoke diecast aluminium chassis
Powder coated and printed with UV stable ink
Mounting Points 75 x 75mm (2.95 x 2.95") VESA mount
2 off mic stand thread socket 5/8" 27tpi
Packaging Printed Retail cardboard box, packed inside plain rugged cardboard box
175 x 145 x 225mm (WxDxH) tbc
Individual Shipping Weight 1.975Kg tbc
Operating Temperature 0 to +50 C (32 to 122 F)
Storage Temperature -20 to +70 C (32 to 122 F)
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

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