Millennia TCL-2 Class A Vacuum Tube and Discrete Solid-State 2-channel Opto-compressor/Limiter


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  • Millennia TCL-2 - Millennia equipment is designed and built for those who want their audio reproduction to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If you look up the phrase "extremely accurate microphone reproduction," you'll see a picture of the Millennia HV-3 preamp. Now they've applied their expertise to dynamics processing with the TCL-2 Twincom opto-compressor/limiter. The TCL-2 is completely balanced from input to output. No transformers or amplifiers are used to unbalance the signal inside the unit. Tech talk aside, you'll find the TCL-2 in the studios of mastering giants, hundreds of recording studios, and in the rigs of countless artists and engineers.


    • Two paths to perfection with Twin Topology
    • Stereo optical compressor/limiter with unprecedented sonic purity & integrity
    • All triode 300 V vacuum tube signal path or...
    • All discrete J-FET solid state signal path
    • Both topologies are entirely transformerless, high voltage, pure Class A
    • Minimalist design: only one active stage in the audio path
    • Threshold: Infinity to + 20 dBu
    • Ratio: 1.4 : 1 to 30 : 1
    • Attack: 2 to 100 ms
    • Release: 100 ms to 3 s
    • Large meters: switchable for VU or Gain Reduction
    • Constructed for demanding professional applications
    • Ultra-Premium components throughout
    • Gold relays, connectors, switches, tube sockets
    • Silver Teflon power wiring
    • Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring

    Ultra-transparent Tube/Solid-state Compressor
    The Twincom (TCL-2) is an ultra-transparent, two channel opto-compressor/limiter offering Class-A biased all discrete J-FET solid-state operation or Class-A biased all triode vacuum tube operation at the touch of a button. The TCL-2 (tm) Twincom stereo compressor/limiter with Twin Topology - Millennia's innovative new merging of vacuum tube and solid state circuit topologies. A front panel switch selects between a complete vacuum tube audio path or a fully discrete solid-state audio path - in the same chassis. Both circuit topologies are entirely transformerless, high voltage, and minimalist.

    Minimalist Audio Signal Path
    What is "minimalist?" The Twincom has only one active stage in the audio signal path. Compare this with common textbook compressor designs employing multiple amplifiers in the signal path. Fewer amplifier stages means greater sonic integrity and heightened musical reality. This one amplifier stage is optimized as input buffer, dynamics amplifier, and output driver. Greatly increased musical clarity is achieved as precious audio signals are spared from successively colored amplifier stages.

    Entirely Balanced Circuit
    The Twincom is also designed as an entirely balanced circuit. In most professional audio gear, balanced input signals become unbalanced by a transformer or electronic circuits, and perhaps rebalanced at the output via similar methods. The Twincom never unbalances. Rather, the balanced input signal remains balanced from input to output, avoiding the need for audio transformers or additional amplifiers in the signal path.

    Transformerless Design
    Why transformerless? Most of today's high voltage pro tube gear uses audio transformers. Yet, transformers add coloration to audio signals; coloration which is not conducive to sonic purity. Via innovative design techniques, the Twincom avoids audio transformers entirely. Now, the remarkable musicality of Class-A triode dynamics can be realized without the unavoidable sonic artifacts common to signal path transformers.

    Twin Topology
    The solid-state aspect of Twin Topology consists of 100% Class-A all discrete J-FET (field effect transistor) amplifiers. Millennia also provides these J-FET amplifiers as the next generation of 990 (Jensen tm) and 2520 (API tm) plug-in-compatible modules. The vacuum tube aspect of Twin Topology employs 300 volt, 100% Class A, hand tested and selected triode vacuum tubes. To use the vacuum tube amplifier, simply press a front panel switch. To use the solid-state amplifier, press the switch again. Twin Topology! Both topologies are designed to deliver a musical optimization of their inherent character.

    The Twincom employs exquisite high voltage amplifiers free of transformer coupling, carefully designed around the finest grades of passive components (Vishay pots, Roederstein resistors, Wima and Electrocube capacitors, Neglex OFC audio cabling, gold tube connectors and relay contacts, silver teflon power wiring, large Sifam true audio level meters, etc..).

  • Threshold RangeInfinite to +20 dBu, Continuously Adjustable
    Maximum Output Level

    > + 32 dBu
    Maximum Input Level+ 30 dBu
    Output Gain Control

    Continuously Adjustable

    Frequency Response

    +0 / -3 dB sub 2 Hz to beyond 100 kHz


    20 Hz - 22 kHz

    -87 dBu (SS), -82 dBu (VT)

    Attack Range

    2 ms to 100 ms, Continuously Adjustable
    Release Range100 ms to 3.0 S, Continuously Adjustable
    Compression Ratio Rangeminimum 1.4 : 1, maximum 30 : 1
    Continuously Adjustable
    THD + Noise  
    20 Hz - 30 kHz
    < .01 %, typ .003 % (VT or SS)
    Common Mode Rejection Ratio 
    10 Hz - 20 KHz, 100 mV C.M.
    > 50 dB, Typ > 70 dB
    Dynamics Bypass For Each Channel Yes
    Meter Gain Reduction Or VU Selection Yes
    Stereo Linking Switch Yes
    Input Impedance25k Ohms
    Minimum Output Load Impedance300 Ohms (SS), 1k Ohms (VT)
    Recommended Minimum Load600 Ohms (SS), 3k Ohms (VT)
    Output Impedance< 5 ohms (SS), < 300 ohms (VT)
    Twin Topology Compressor AmplifiersSwitch In: Pure Class-A Discrete J-FETs
     Switch Out: Pure Class-A Triode Tubes
    Power Consumption55 watts maximum
    Power RequirementsSelectable: 100-120, 200-240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions/Shipping Weight19” W x 12.5” L x 3.5” H, 26 lbs.
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