Pro Co DB1 Heavy Duty Passive Direct Injection DI Box with low pass filter


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  • The DB-1 preserves the punch and clarity of the sound that is often lost when mic-ing a speaker, while eliminating the leakage, distortion, and coloration. The signal delivered to the P.A. or studio mixer is crisp and clean - a vital element in retaining the full depth and brilliant sound of such current high-tech equipment as FM synthesizers and digital drum machines.

    The DB-1 may be inserted into the signal path at virtually any stage required. For instance, a bass guitar signal can be taken direct straight off the instrument for a clean, natural tone, from a preamp or line output for a punchier or equalized sound, or from the speaker output of the amp if the dirtier edge is desired. Keyboards can each be sent with a separate DB-1, or combined by taking a feed from the keyboard's stage mixer.Features
    • Floating Transformer-Balanced XLR Output for Maximum IsolationSPKR Mode Handles Amplifiers Up to 600W RMSHI CUT Filter Reduces DistortionGND/LIFT Switch Eliminates Hum and BuzzRugged Uni-box Construction for Super-Strength and ShieldingRecessed Switches and Connectors Resist DamagePassive Design Requires No Batteries or Phantom Power

    Built for the road, but equally at home in the recording studio, the DB-1's rugged 16-gauge steel and aluminum "Uni-box" construction enclosure is finished in a durable black anodized aluminum side channels. The uniquely slotted side channels allow for stacking on top or strapping side-to-side of virtually any number of Pro Co Monoface devices using the Uni-box construction. East to read control graphics are incorporated into the Lexan top panel overlay.

  • Controls
    Input6.3mm (1/4) phone accept signals from instrument or other source. Input imedance-greater than 100kohm; SPKR-approx. 8 kohm. Handles signals of up to 69V RMS (approx. 600 watts across an 8 ohm load).
    Output6.3mm (1/4) phone jack provides loop-through (parallel) connection from input jack. Used when inserting DB-1 between instrument and amplifier.
    Speaker/InstrumentSpeaker (SPKR) position inserts 20 dB pad between INPUT and DBT-1 transformer for increased level handling capability (used for speaker or line level sources). Instrument (INST) position bypasses pad. (SPKR/INST switch affect only LO-Z OUTPUT level.)
    Hi Cut/FlatSwitch is only functional when SPKR/INST switch is set to SPKR. Hi-Cut position inserts a low-pass filter (-3 dB @ 4kHz, 6 dB. Octave) to simulate frequency response of a typical oudspeaker. Used when source is guitar or bass amplifier speaker ouput. Flat position bypasses filter. (HI CUT/FLAT affect only LO-Z OUTPUT response).
    Lo-Z OutputMale 3-pin XLR-type connector provides balanced floating low-impedance output (pin 2 hot). Connect to mixing board microphone channel input. Recommended load impedance: 1.0 kohm.
    Ground/LiftGround (GND) position connects INPUT and LO-Z OUTPUT grounds together. LIFT position floats LO-Z OUTPUT. Use to reduce hum and buzz by eliminating ground loops and providing proper grounding for various conditions.
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