Radial Engineering J33 Active Combination Stereo RIAA Turntable Pre-Amp and Direct Box


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  • The J33 Phono DI follows the Radial tradition of combining stellar audio performance with a flexible feature set and rugged enclosure. Look inside a J33 and you will find the build quality and components to be of only the highest professional standards. Radial's proven construction methods and materials ensure years of trouble-free service.

    FEATURES:Inside the J33:
    • 14-gauge steel welded I-beam construction makes it virtually impossible to torque the PC board.
    • Isolated XLR connectors to eliminate chassis ground potential.
    • Mil spec PC board with full surface ground plane to reduce susceptibility to RF noise.
    • High grade switches - long life, high cycle for reliable performance.
    • Gold-plated RCA and high grade 1/4and 1/8connectors offer a variety of input options.
    J33 Input and Output Panels:
    • GROUND - Turntable ground lug to reduce noise and buzz. Knurled knob provides an easy-to-use and reliable solid bond.
    • Filter - low frequency rumble filter to reduce resonant feedback at high sound pressure levels. Works from 100Hz and rolls off to -15dB at 80Hz.
    • POWER - LEDS light individually when J33 is deriving power from XLR phantom-power or both at once when powered from external power supply.
    • 1/4TRS and 3.5mm stereo output connectors:-10dB high-impedance line-level for hookup to computer sound cards and laptops.
    • OUTPUT left &right RCA connectors: -10dB high-impedance for consumer audio devices such as hi-fi receiver AUX or CD input.
    • PHONO input from turntable - RIAA equalized. Use in conjunction with turnable ground lug connection.
    • Bookend design creates a protected zone around connectors and makes the J33 practical for high-use environments such as pro touring.
    • No-slip rubberized pad provides mechanical and electrical isolation, keeps the J33 from sliding around.
    • RIGHT OUT &LEFT OUT 600-Ohm mic-level balanced XLR outputs- AES standard with Pin-1 ground and Pin-2 hot.
    • 15VDC Input jack for use with the J33's external power supply. Phantom-powering is also available through mic XLR.

    The Radial J33 is a high quality combination turntable (phono) preamp and direct box that offers a choice of balanced mic-level and -10dB consumer line-level outputs. This allows a 33-RPM record player to be connected directly to a professional mixing console or mic preamplifier. This makes the Radial J33 ideal for use in studio for re-recording, sampling and archiving, while offering DJs an improved interface for recording scratch and remix performances over typical DJ mixers or other stand-alone turntable preamps.

    DEVELOPMENT:The Radial J33 is a simple device that allows long-playing record players to interface with today's ever-improving professional audio world.For over 50 years, recorded music has been produced on long playing records or albums thereby yielding an abundance of pre-recorded material. This tremendous resource has spawned the demand from several sectors wishing to transfer these performances to new media.

    The Radial J33 addresses the need with a high-quality RIAA equalized stereo preamp that allows the 33-RPM record player to connect to the professional balanced inputs of mixing console or studio microphone preamplifier. For instance, using the J33, a recording can now be 'processed' through a tube mic-pre or compressor for added character and easily transferred to a professional digital format for further digital processing such as eliminating noise, clicks and hiss from the original recording.

    Using the Radial J33 :With its straightforward design, the Radial J33 is very easy to use. It can be powered using 48V phantom or by the external power supply.

  • Frequency response20Hz to 20kHz
    Total harmonic distortion0.05% @ 1kHz
    Phase shift0.1º @ 1kHz
    Intermodulation distortion<1%
    RIAA dynamic phono input-25dB
    Max phono input level50mV @ 1kHz
    High pass filter200Hz cut off, -3dB at 100Hz
    Unbalanced outputs10kOhm, -10dB line-level
    Balanced outputs600 Ohm, -60dB mic-level
    Output levels-10dB consumer line-level;-60dB 600 ohm mic-level
    RIAA curve(reference dB @ 1kHz)+19.5dB @ 20Hz;-19.65dB @20kHz
    RIAA deviation +/-0.5dB maximum
    Size (H x W x D)2” x 3.25” x 5” (45mm x 83mm x 126mm)
    Power (auto-switching)15VDC or 48V phantom power
    Weight (w/supply and packaging)1.95lbs (0.9kg)
    Construction14-gauge steel chassis &shell, baked enamel finish
    WarrantyRadial 3 year limited warranty(see user guide for details)
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