RDL TX-VCR Video Controlled Relay - BNC


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Please Note: requires PS-24AS Power Supply (sold separately)

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  • The TX-VCR is the ideal choice in installations where a control signal is needed based on the absence or presence of valid video signals. The unique power supply input allows the TX-VCR to be powered from a wide variety of existing ac or dc power sources

    The TX-VCR has one video INPUT and a LOOP OUT video jack. The detection circuit bridges a 1V video line. The TX-VCR may be inserted in a video line with the loop-through video output feeding a terminated load. It may alternatively be installed at the end of a video line by installing a 75 ohm terminator to the LOOP OUT video jack. The terminator is supplied with the TX-VCR.Video detection is based on valid sync signals. The TX-VCR responds to valid NTSC or PAL sync while ignoring 50 Hz and 60 Hz hum and related induction artifacts. The TX-VCR is able to detect signals as weak as 0.5 V p-p. When a valid signal is detected, the relay contacts close. Both a normally-open and normally-closed contact are provided, permitting the module to be connected as a video-present detector or as a video-loss detector. The front-panel SYNC LED lights when valid video is being detected.
    • Detect Video Presence
    • Detect Loss of Video
    • Bridging or Terminated Operation
    • Detection of NTSC or PAL Signals
    • Dry-Contact Outputs
    • Operation from AC or DC Power

    If a local or remote loss of video audible alert is needed, the TX-VCR may be wired to an RDL BZR.

  • Input:BNC, ground-referenced
    Input Level:0.5 V p-p video to 1 V p-p video
    Output:LOOP OUT, BNC, ground-referenced (Output must be terminated with 75 connected load or with 75 terminator supplied)
    Control Output:N/O or N/C relay contacts
    Relay Contacts:Single-pole/double-throw
    Maximum Switching Power:60 W (220 Vdc, 125 Vac, 2A)
    Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 12 to 33 Vdc or 12 to 24 Vac, @ 75mA
    Ambient Operating Environment:0 degrees C to 55 degrees C
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