Schoeps CMIT 5U Professional Condenser Shotgun Microphone - 3 pushbutton activated filters w/LED's


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  • The first shotgun microphone from Schoeps has entered a crowded market, but the reviewers stand by the maxim that class will tell. The quality and passion is in the detail.

    The CMIT-5U is uniquely, reassuringly, expensively, Schoeps: clear, light, neutral, airy, transparent, spacious, accurate - what adjectives can I draw on without delving into the ephemeral lexicon of a home hi-fi reviewer? Perhaps the highest compliment I can give it is that it disappears as an interface between what you want to record and what you want to record to. It certainly heralds in a new generation of shotgun microphones, and significantly raises the bar. The response is smooth with its weighted frequency design; its touch is light; it's quiet, and with a robust attitude to RF interference, it inspires total confidence.Features:
    • Unusually low coloration of off-axis sound since the pickup angles at low and high frequencies are kept reasonably similar to one another: At medium frequencies the directivity of the CMIT 5 U is higher than one would expect from a microphone of this length, while at high frequencies the pickup pattern is not as narrow as with long shotgun microphones. Thus in active scenes it is easier to cue the boom and keep actors "on mike."Schoeps sound quality makes the microphone suitable for music recording as well as dialogue.The directional pattern and sound quality are consistent in both the horizontal and vertical planes, unlike some other shotgun microphones.Even greater immunity to wind noise than a Schoeps supercardioidVery lightweight, robust all-metal housing.
  • Directional pattern supercardioid/ lobe-shaped
    Frequency range40 Hz – 20 kHz
    Switchable filters80 Hz with 18 dB/oct,
    300 Hz with 6 dB/oct,
    5 dB lift at 10 kHz (shelving)
    Sensitivity17 mV/Pa
    Equivalent noise level (filters off) 14 dB-A*, 24 dB CCIR**
    Maximum sound pressure level132 dB SPL at 0.,5% THD
    Powering48 V phantom
    Current consumption4.4 mA
    Maximum output voltage1.3 V (1 kHz, 1 kOhm)
    Output impedance50 Ohms
    Recommended load impedance600 Ohms or greater
    Connector XLR-3M (pin assignment)
    Dimensionslength 251 mm (9.88)
    diameter 21 mm (0.827)
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