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Soundtoys 5.4 - Complete Software Plugin Bundle (VST/AU/AAX)

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Soundtoys 5 brings together our entire range of audio effects into one powerful collection. Includes all 22 Soundtoys plug-ins. Create luscious, expansive reverberation with SuperPlate. Saturate, compress, and distort with Decapitator, Radiator, and Devil-Loc. Get a virtual history of echo and de... Read More

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Soundtoys 5 brings together our entire range of audio effects into one powerful collection. Includes all 22 Soundtoys plug-ins. Create luscious, expansive reverberation with SuperPlate. Saturate, compress, and distort with Decapitator, Radiator, and Devil-Loc. Get a virtual history of echo and delay hardware with EchoBoy and PrimalTap. Transform your vocals with Little AlterBoy. Recreate classic studio pitch, chorus and widening effects with Crystallizer and MicroShift. Take modulation to new levels with the beat-synced rhythmic effects of PanMan, Tremolator, FilterFreak, and PhaseMistress.

All of these individual elements are proven, powerful tools, trusted by professional mix engineers, musicians and sound designers everywhere. But combined in the Soundtoys Effect Rack, they are indeed the ultimate effects collection.


  • SuperPlate
    NEW! SuperPlate brings the unique tonal character of five classic electromechanical plate reverbs into your studio.
  • Decapitator
    Subtle to extreme hardware-modeled saturation. The secret weapon of top mix engineers.
  • Little AlterBoy
    Pitch and formant shifting and hard-tuned robot effects for transforming vocals.
  • EchoBoy
    Decades of echo devices in a single plug-in. The pro standard for vocal echo.
  • FilterFreak
    Fat analog sweeps, pounding filter rhythms, big hardware sound – with a dual version for double the analog attitude.
  • PhaseMistress
    Rich phase sweeps, deep analog vibe, and tempo-locked modulation.
  • PanMan
    Rhythmic auto-panning with cool classic features, new tricks, and analog color.
  • Tremolator
    Analog guitar tremolo effects and beyond with beat-synced rhythmic chopping.
  • Crystallizer
    Pitch Shifting granular reverse echo. A mind-warping sound design trip.
  • Little Plate
    The lush sound of plate reverb – with a modern twist.
  • Sie-Q
    Sie-Q features spacious highs, smooth lows, and great tones fast, bringing a whole new modeled color to your EQ palette.
  • Radiator
    Vintage vibe, drive, and the magic tone of the 1567a tube mixer. A beast on bass and drums.
  • PrimalTap
    Modeled retro dual delay with 'freeze' for lo-fi pitch warped loops and delays.
  • Devil-Loc Deluxe
    A crushing, pounding, aggressive compressor for massive drums. Our spin on an old classic.
  • MicroShift
    The classic studio trick for super wide vocals – with a powerful new twist.
  • Devil-Loc
    Two knobs, one big drum sound. Audio level destroyer with vintage vibe.
  • Little Radiator
    A little tube heat and tons of vibe. Inspired by the Altec 1566a pre-amp.
  • Little PrimalTap
    A little retro delay lets you echo, loop, warp, distort and mangle.
  • Little MicroShift
    Three essential vocal widening effects. One simple plug-in.
  • EchoBoy Jr.
    Seven iconic analog echo emulations in one easy-to-use plug-in. Get the same warm studio tape sound for vocals, gritty vintage hardware echo models, and new classics straight from EchoBoy.
  • Effect Rack
    Rack up 14 essential Soundtoys effects in one powerful plug-in.

Effect Rack
Soundtoys Effect Rack is the centerpiece of Soundtoys 5. It turns a tried-and-true collection of powerful individual plug-ins into a virtually unlimited creative multi-effects system. The Effect Rack makes it simple to build your own custom effect chains and define your signature sound. And when you've created the perfect combination of effects, the Rack's global controls let you treat the whole rack as a single plug-in.

Lock rhythmic effects to a single tempo, or let them run free. Fine tune the input and output levels, and use the global mix control to blend your effect in with the dry signal. Then experiment with the powerful global Recycle control. By mixing the output of the rack back into the input, you can build your own modulated reverbs, over-the-top delays and other unique ambience effects that would require complicated routing to accomplish in most DAWs.

Work Smarter
Effect Rack integrates multiple Soundtoys effects into a single plug-in, which improves workflow by allowing you to easily configure an entire custom effect processing chain without needing to jump between windows. You won't need to juggle multiple plug-in windows to adjust parameters, add new effects, or change their routing. The Effect Rack keeps everything right at your fingertips.

Choose from a range of carefully-crafted presets to find the perfect jumping-off point. Or quickly design, save and recall combinations of your favorite Soundtoys effects—all in one self-contained plug-in. Outer Limits is a FREE collection of 67 presets designed to turn any audio into strange and frightening sounds, spacey sci-fi soundscapes, and mutated audio oddities.

No hardware dongle required – work wherever, and however you want.
With computer-based authorization, free up precious USB ports for audio interfaces and MIDI controllers. Studio pros can still use Soundtoys 5 with their iLok USB keys to manage all of their plug-in licenses. All Soundtoys 5 plug-ins come with two activations. Use one at the studio, and the other on your home machine or laptop.

Soundtoys prides themselves on building simple, elegant effects that give you instant inspiration. But when you're ready to go beyond the basics they also let you open the hood and get some grease on your hands.

Soundtoys 5
Slide open an effect's Tweak panel to access special circuit-level controls. Or design your own unique modulation patterns.

Many Soundtoys effects offer special Tweak panels which expose deeper editing features. Here you can find advanced options for a plug-in, like a choice of saturation styles, fine control of an effect's groove, or a selection of different delay algorithms. The modulation effects offer powerful shape and rhythm editors here for creating complex motion. Soundtoys 5 redesigned the Tweak panels to make advanced controls easier to find and use. The result: an incredibly customizable set of sonic tools that you'll want to use on every project.

Effects that move to your rhythm. With any shape you can imagine.

An LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) is at the heart of every modulation effect — it's what gives tremolos, phasers, panners and sweeping filters their characteristic motion.

An included library of LFO shapes goes far beyond standard modulation effects, giving you curves based on vintage modulation effects, amps and instruments as well as more abstract shapes. You can also draw and sculpt your own totally customized shapes using our Shape Editor. Use it to dream up new LFO shapes, from knife-edged waves to gently ebbing curves.

The Rhythm Editor is like a rhythmic modulation sequencer. Choose a length (in bars) and the size of the steps you want to edit (sixteenth notes, eighth notes, quarter notes, etc), then start clicking to make a new pattern. You can turn individual steps on and off to create pauses or rests, and adjust the level and length of each step to humanize your pattern and give it some musical variation. You can even choose the number of beats per bar to create some funky syncopation or odd-time-signature grooves. Like our custom shapes, custom patterns are even swappable between plug-ins. And, of course, you can lock everything to the master tempo of the Soundtoys Effect Rack or your favorite DAW for solid, dead-simple synchronization.

Soundtoys 5
Soundtoys spent the last decade creating one of the world's greatest gear collections. That means they actually own and use the hardware they draw inspiration from. They look to the past for inspiration. But they also build each plug-in to stand solidly on its own with features designed for modern studios.

As a result, they're happy to say that Soundtoys effects are used, trusted and recommended by professionals in all aspects of audio production. Now with Soundtoys 5 and the Effect Rack, they've brought all of these acclaimed effects together to see how much further they can go.

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Product Specs

System Requirements Apple Silicon and VST 3 Compatible
Plug-in Formats (64-bit only) AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST 2, VST 3, and Audio Units (AU)
Supported Sample Rates Minimum: 44.1 kHz, Maximum: 192 kHz
Operating systems Mac OS X 10.12 or later; Windows 7 or later.
Authorization iLok (free account needed, USB key not required)
An internet connection is required at the time of activation.
Supported Hosts Pro Tools, Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig

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