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SSL 12 - 12-Input 8-Output USB-C Audio Interface

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SSL 12 is a 12-in/8-out USB bus-powered audio interface that enables you to get studio-quality audio into and out of your computer with minimal fuss and maximum creativity. Building upon the success of SSL 2 and SSL 2+, SSL 12 gives you more. More I/O, more performance and more versatility. SSL 1... Read More

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SSL 12 is a 12-in/8-out USB bus-powered audio interface that enables you to get studio-quality audio into and out of your computer with minimal fuss and maximum creativity. Building upon the success of SSL 2 and SSL 2+, SSL 12 gives you more. More I/O, more performance and more versatility. SSL 12 is fully integrated with SSL 360° software, where you can create multiple independent headphone mixes, choose your Loopback source, customise the 3 front panel user-buttons and much more. With a feature set to rival many larger devices, SSL 12 is desktop in size but rackmount by nature.


  • 4 x SSL-designed microphone preamps with unrivalled EIN performance and huge gain range for a USB-powered device
  • Per-Channel Legacy 4K switches - analogue colour enhancement for any input source, inspired by the 4000-series console
  • 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs for guitars, bass or vintage instruments
  • 2 professional-grade headphone outputs, with switchable modes of operation that cater for high impedance or high sensitivity headphones. Or re-purpose each headphone output as an additional 'general purpose' balanced/unbalanced line-level output instead.
  • 32-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA Converters - capture and hear all the detail of your creations
  • ADAT IN - expand the input channel count with up to 8 channels of digital audio
  • Easy-to-use Headphone routing via SSL 360° for critical low-latency monitoring tasks
  • Built In Talkback Mic that can be routed to Headphone A, B and Line 3-4 outputs
  • 4 x dedicated balanced outputs and precision Monitor Level, with stunning dynamic range
    • Use Outputs 3-4 to connect an alternative monitor set to or as additional line-level outputs.
    • DC-coupled outputs for controlling CV input instruments and FX
  • 3 user-assignable front panel switches - assign various monitoring functions and talkback open/close
  • MIDI I/O
  • SSL Production Pack Software Bundle; includes 3-months free subscription to SSL Complete, plus an exclusive collection of 3rd party DAWs, virtual instruments and plug-ins.
  • USB bus-powered audio interface for Mac/Windows - power is provided by USB 3.0, audio via the USB 2.0 protocol

SSL 360° Integration – The SSL 12 Mixer
SSL 360° hosts the powerful SSL 12 Mixer page, where you can do the following:

  • Easily set up multiple near-zero latency headphone mixes: SSL 12 provides a virtual console-style interface for creating intuitive headphone mixes, just like you would on an SSL console.
  • Configure HP A and HP B outputs for different headphone sensitivities or re-purpose as additional line-level outputs: Choose from 3 different modes of operation for the headphone outputs that best suit your headphones – Standard, High Sensitivity or High Impedance. Or, you can choose to re-purpose each HP output as a balanced/unbalanced mono output, if you need additional line level outputs from SSL 12.
  • Customise the 3 user-assignable front panel buttons: The 3 front panel switches come pre-assigned to CUT for the monitors, ALT speaker switching and TALKBACK mic engage/disengage but you can choose to change these buttons to any of the following functions to suit your needs - DIM, CUT, MONO SUM, ALT, INVERT PHASE LEFT, TALKBACK.
  • Choose your Loopback source: Configure where your Loopback feed is taken from. Record the output of a media player (e.g. via Playback 1-2) or create a custom sub-mix of your podcast via one of the Aux Busses (e.g. Line 3-4).
  • Save/Load SSL 12 Mixer templates: Easily create and save templates for tracking, mixing and production in the SSL 12 Mixer that you can recall quickly for different sessions.

SSL Production Pack
SSL 12 comes bundled with the SSL Production Pack, a unique collection of SSL and 3rd party software packed with a selection of must-have virtual instruments, plug-ins, samples and DAWs. Let your creativity shine and bring your productions to life.

  • *NEW* 3-months free access to Sonarworks SoundID Reference
  • 3-months free access to SSL Complete subscription
  • 3-months free access to Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription
  • 3-months free access to Arcade by Output subscription
  • Perpetual licenses for SSL Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plug-ins
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 5 SE
  • Celemony Melodyne Essential
  • Native Instruments Hybrid Keys and Komplete Start
  • Ableton Live 11 Lite
  • AAS Session Bundle plug-ins
  • 1.5 GB Samples from Loopcloud

3-Month Trial of SSL Complete included

SSL Complete is the easiest way to access every SSL plug-in, with new premium plug-ins being added all the time. Featuring our legendary consoles, compressors, equalisers, reverbs and delays, Fusion processors and much more. SSL Complete provides everything you need to make brilliant sounding music and create an SSL studio in your DAW.

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Product Specs

Computer Connectivity USB 3.0
Simultaneous I/O 12 x 8
Mic Preamps 4
Phantom Power Yes
AD / DA Resolution 32-bit/192 kHz
Analogue Inputs 4 x XLR-¼" combo (Mic/Line), 2 x ¼" (Hi-Z)
Analogue Outputs 4 x ¼" (Line outs)
Headphones Outputs 2x ¼"
Digital Inputs 1 x Optical (ADAT)
USB 1 x Type USB-C
Software SSL Production Pack
Loopback Yes
Talkback Mic Yes
Power USB-Powered
OS Requirements – Mac MacOS 10.15 or later
OS Requirements – Windows Windows 10, Windows 11
Height 58.65mm
Width 286.75mm
Depth 154.94mm
Weight 1.4kg
Converters 192 kHz /32-bit
Mic Amp Gain 62 dB
Mic Amp EIN (A-weighted) -130.5 dBu
Line Inputs Max Level +24 dBu
Line Outputs Max Level +24 dBu
Instrument Input Max Level +14 dBu
Monitor/Line Outputs Dynamic Range > 120 dB
Headphones Output Dynamic Range 112 dB

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